'Ole Miss is recruiting me the hardest'

Tim Jackson (FB, Clarksdale, MS) - Mississippi's top fullback prospect had a chance to show everybody his skills as a junior.

"It was very successful," added Tim Jackson. "I got a lot of things done on both sides of the ball. I played a little both ways and did it well. Hopefully we will have another chance to get back down to state again this year."

Tim had over 1,400 yards of offense and 11 TD's at fullback while sharing the carries with his talented teammate, Charles Mitchell.

"Charles and I think we are the best combo in the state. I love blocking for him and watching him do his thing. And he loves watching me run over people. I just wish I had his moves (laugh)."

The pair of teammates had a chance to take in Ole Miss Jr Day and Tim was overall impressed with the trip.

"Ole Miss is recruiting me the hardest. They talk real good to me. I got a chance to meet a lot of their coaches and see their football facilities. I also toured their campus. I talked to their RB, offensive coordinator, LB, and head coach. We sat down and talked about some things. I got to meet a couple more top prospects from around here too. That was a lot of fun."

The Ole Miss coaches stood out the most.

"Sitting there and talking to them was the highlight of my trip. They talked good to me and told me that they are really interested in me. I just liked getting to know them as a man standpoint instead of just being a coach. I have been to pretty much all of their home games this past season, so I pretty much knew everything else about them."

Anymore schools Jackson wants to check out?

"I would like to see MSU and USM."

What stands out about MSU?

"They have a good program. It looks like they work hard. They are coached like they are very competitive."

What are USM's positives?

"That is just somewhere I have always dreamed about going. They have good football program and it is close to home."

What will be the main factors when it comes decision time?

Jackson is also receiveing some interest from several more colleges.

"I get a lot of letters from Auburn, Texas, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Alabama, Ole Miss, MSU, Colorado, and a lot more."

"I just want to be around good people to help me out and not have to do it all by myself. I need for someone to work with me and not just forget about me after I sign."

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