Hardy likes what he sees at Ole Miss

Templeton Hardy (DT, Como, MS) - Most everyone recognizes the name "Panola" in the football circles, but most associate it with "South" and not "North".

But look for "North Panola" to receive a lot of recruiting attention this year as one of Mississippi's top prospects resides in Como.

"Yea, we get tired of hearing about South Panola this and South Panola that, but hey, they win football games so they deserve it," stated a matter of fact Templeton Hardy.

The 6' 4", 280 pound defensive tackle had some eye popping numbers as a junior as he collected 105 solo tackles, 43 assists, 28 for losses, and 9 sacks on the season.

What makes Hardy so dominating?

"I try to use my strength and bull rush people. I use a lot of speed to rush the passer too."

Recruiters have taken notice as Oklahoma, Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, MSU, and San Diego State have already offered.

Has Templeton had a chance to visit any of the schools that have offered?

"I went to Ole Miss' Jr Day a couple of weekends ago. It was actually my first trip over there. My coach brought me and a few of my teammates over there. We stayed at the field house mostly, but I liked their facilities and how much energy their coaches had. They had a brand new indoor complex with 5 practice fields outside and everything connected together. It was very impressive."

Hardy also had a chance to talk to the Ole Miss coaches.

"I spoke with my recruiting coordinator, Coach Hughes. I also spoke with Coaches Orgeron and Nielsen. They were all fired up to see me. They were just trying to get me to come there."

What stood out about Ole Miss during Templeton's trip?

"Just how the coaches treated us. They fed us and showed us around and pretty much acted like we were already apart of their family. It was a nice environment, one I could definitely fit in with."

Does Hardy plan to visit anymore schools this Spring or summer?

"I do not know yet, but I might go to Auburn."

What stands out about the Tigers?

"I like how they play."

Who else would Templeton like to visit?

"I would like to check out Tulane, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Alabama ."

What has Hardy interested in each school?

"Tulane, I know I can get a good education where my degree will mean something. Alabama, I can also get a good education. The rest of the schools, I just like how they play. I have not visited any of them yet, so it is really hard to say."

Templeton claims a 3.2 GPA / 18 ACT.

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