Rebels eye Memphis DT

Dontari Poe (DT, Memphis, TN) - One of Tennessee's top defensive line prospects was in town for Ole Miss' Jr Day.How did it go?

"I went down there last summer to their football camp, but I did not get to see the academic parts and all of their facilities like I did on this trip," added Dontari Poe.

The 6' 3", 320 pounder was accompanied by a few of his teammates.

"Our head coach brought me, LB Marlon Walls, RB Leonard Jennings, and LB DaDarius Parks down there."

The Rebels signed one of their teammates last year in Roderick Davis.

"Roderick wants us to come join him down there, but he does not pressure us of anything. But we know what he is thinking (laughing)."

What stood out about Ole Miss during Poe's trip?

"I really liked their new indoor facility and the academic part too. They help you, get you tutors, and want you to graduate."

Who are the main schools involved in the 2006 All-Shelby County selection?

"Auburn, Ole Miss, Memphis, Alabama, and Colorado. Ole Miss and Auburn have offered me."

What stands out about Auburn?

"I do not know. I have not been down there yet, but I like how they play. They have two defensive tackles that are leaving early, so there is a good chance I will play early if I go there."

What about Poe's hometown Memphis Tigers?

"They are pretty good too. Their LB coach came and talked to me. I do not know too much about them other than that."

And Alabama?

"They are going to be real good since they got Coach Saban, so I am high on them too."

What are Colorado's positives?

"I do not know too much about them. They just call a lot."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

"Just playing time. Will they let me play my freshman year? I just want a chance to line up and play as a freshman."

Dontari was unsure of his stats as a junior but if he had to name a strength it would be one thing.

"Run stopping. I just penetrate, drive everybody to the backfield and let my guys behind me make the play."

Poe still believes there is room for improvement.

"I need to stay in shape and keep lifting the weights. I am doing track right now, so I should be in good shape when practice starts."

Dontari's junior season taught him a few new things.

"I learned how to take on the double teams. I just learned the basic techniques on what I need to do in certain situations. It was fun for me. We had a very productive year."

The 1st Team All-State selection has been named to several preseason teams including ESPN's National Top 150 squad.

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