Can Rebels get in game for this Pridemore?

T.J. Pridemore (LB, Buford, GA) - Growing up with a father that played with the Atlanta Falcons for 8 years and a brother that is currently playing collegiate football has given T.J. an inside perspective about the game of football that most do not get.

"I just think it taught me that the game is bigger than any one person. It is a business, and if you do not produce, you are expendable. No matter what you have done in the past, it is all about what you do in the present and the future," added T.J. Pridemore. "You have to keep getting better and better, or you will get passed over. No matter what level you are playing on."

T.J. is a 6' 2", 235 pound linebacker for Buford that reports a 4.58 forty.

"I think my size and speed are my biggest strengths. I also love contact. I love to hit."

And what would this Pridemore like to work on?

"Everything, just watching film and learning more and more about offenses. I want to work on my speed and keep working hard in the weight room."

T.J. had a successful junior campaign as he collected 115 tackles, 3 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and recovered 2 fumbles. He was named 1st Team All-State by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But Pridemore felt a little disappointed with how the season ended.

"It did not end how we wanted it to, but I had a pretty good season. I am really competitive so I am never happy unless we win it all. I know next year I will come back bigger/stronger/and faster."

Who are the main colleges involved in Pridemore's recruitment?

"That would be Vandy, Virginia Tech, Ole Miss, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Duke, Auburn, and Florida State."

Any offers?

"Mississippi State, Duke, and Ole Miss have offered me."

Has T.J. taken in any Jr Days this Spring?

"I went to South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Duke."

Did anyone accompany Pridemore on his Ole Miss trip?

"My father, J.T. Swanson, and RB Demetris Murrah came with me."

How did T.J.'s experience at Ole Miss go?

"I liked it at all three schools. I liked Ole Miss because I liked their staff the best, and they have great facilities over there."

Was this T.J.'s first trip to Oxford?

"Yes, I heard their campus was going to be really impressive, and it was, but their football and athletic facilities were better than I was expecting."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss?

"I liked their coaches a lot. I really like Coaches Freeze and Orgeron. Being a defensive guy, I like how defensive minded their coaching staff is. That is what they are, a defensive minded team."

Did anyone come with Pridemore on his South Carolina trip?

"My father and Omar Hunter came with me."

How did T.J.'s experience at South Carolina go?

"I like Coach Spurrier a lot. My recruiting coach, Coaches Beamer, and Nix and are all good people. They also had nice facilities, but I liked their stadium and location of the school. It is only 3 hours from my house. I like that."

What stood out the most about South Carolina?

"There are a couple of guys I know who play for them. Yvun Benag and Jared Cook, I grew up around those guys. One plays offense and the other plays defense. When I talk to those guys, they both love the coaches there. That is impressive that both of them have nothing but good things to say about their staff."

Did anyone accompany T.J. on his Duke trip?

"Both of my parents and my brother were there."

How did the visit go?

"It was good. I have a brother, Matt Pridemore, who plays for Duke. He is greyshirting this year. I like Coach Spencer a lot. He is my recruiting coordinator. Ted Roof is another defensive minded coach, like Ole Miss'. He really seems like he is working hard to turn things around up there. They work real hard."

What did T.J. like the most about Duke?

"I like how hard their staff works and their football facilities are really nice."

What has T.J.'s father said about each school?

"He just gives me a general perspective about each school, just a few pros and cons. He played for West Virginia, but he wants it to be my decision, so he does not give me an opinion about each school. But he has been impressed with all of them."

Besides the colleges that T.J. has visited, have anymore caught his eye?

"Not really, but I would like to go over to West Virginia and check it out."

What stands out about West Virginia?

"My dad was inducted into their Hall of Fame when I was 11. I have been up to a few of their games."

Is Pridemore's father disappointed that West Virginia has not offered yet?

"No sir, he is not disappointed. We have been talking to West Virginia a good bit lately."

T.J. should have no problems qualifying as he carries a 3.8 Core GPA / 1450 SAT.

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