GA tailback enjoys Jr Day at Ole Miss

Demetris Murray (RB, Buford, GA) - Buford is loaded with D1 prospects this year.

DT Omar Hunter and LB T.J. Pridemore are well known commodities, but one of their best kept secrets lies in their backfield.

"My power, speed and vision are my biggest strengths," stated a very soft spoken Demetris Murray.

Murray led Gwinnett in TD's although he was sharing the ball with two other backs.

"I had 143 carries for 1, 090 yards and 20 TD's. We had a very good team, a lot of good players. I had fun. It was a good experience."

Which colleges are recruiting Murray?

"The main ones are Maryland, Ole Miss, Wake Forest, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Marshall."

Any offers?

"Maryland, Ole Miss, and Wake Forest have offered me."

Any spring visits?

"I went to Ole Miss' and Wake Forest's Jr Days."

Who came with Demetris on his Ole Miss visit?

"J.T. Swanson, T.J. Pridemore, and my dad and stepmother."

What did Murray's parents think about Ole Miss?

"They liked Ole Miss. They liked their facilities and their academics. I am trying to get a business degree, and they like their program. They pretty much liked it like I did. They said everybody was nice. Personally, I loved it. It felt like home. I liked their facilities, indoor and outdoor. I liked their coaches and it was a nice little town. It just felt like a good place to be, felt like home. It felt like if you go there, everything will be alright."

The academics at Ole Miss really stood out.

"We were there for football, but they really stressed that you need to get your degree. They told us they were going to help us get our degree by getting us tutors and making sure we were attending classes. But they said if you do not do your work, you do not pass. Nothing will be given over there, which is fair."

The Wake Forest trip really impressed Demetris.

"That was my favorite one. Their coaches are nice and really high on academics. They have a really good academic reputation. Their facilities are really nice and their campus is small. It is all right there that you need. You do not have to ride a mile down the road to get somewhere. Everything is within walking distance. Their business program is awesome. The guy that started Coca Cola spoke to us. He told us that if you graduate from Wake Forest, you are pretty much guaranteed to make a lot of money."

What stood out the most about the Deacons during his trip?

"Their academics, facilities, and they have nice coaches. They just have a lot of stuff to offer, like state of the art dorm rooms, to laptops, to their cafeteria. Everything is right there together. They even hold practices at night so you do not miss your labs."

Will Murray take in anymore Jr Days?

"I am going to try and go to Clemson on April 14th."

What stands out about Clemson?

"I like their football program, but I do not know too much about them."

Anybody else on Murray's mind?

"I also like the Florida schools, Miami, FSU, and Florida. I like the schools down South. I would not mind checking out Alabama and South Carolina too."

Demetris claims a 3.2 GPA.

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