One of Florida's top DT's takes in OM Jr Day

Chris Martin (DT, Ft. Walton, FL) - One of Florida's top defensive tackles had a chance to visit Ole Miss recently.

"So far, I have been to Auburn's and Ole Miss' Jr Days," added the 6' 5", 290 pound Chris Martin.

Who came with Chris on the Ole Miss trip?

"I rode with my teammate, OC Mike Peterson. DL Daniel Keck and OC Will Densmore also rode with us. We got there late Thursday night. Will Densmore's older brother, David Densmore, is a defensive tackle for Ole Miss. He showed us all around. It was awesome. We went out on the town Thursday night. It is a really small town, but there is a lot to do."

What new did Martin learn about Ole Miss during the trip?

"I learned that football is everything in that town. Everybody supports it. Everywhere you go, they had Ole Miss on it. It pretty much overwhelmed me to know how big college football is in that town."

Did Chris get a chance to meet with the Ole Miss staff?

"I met all of their coaches to my recruiting coordinator, David Corrao, to their defensive line coach, Ryan Nielsen, to their head coach, Ed Orgeron. It was so much fun. Their coaches made it so much fun. They were so hyped. It was awesome. I do not know how to explain it. It was not just your typical boring Jr Day. It was so much fun."

Chris Martin

What stood out about Ole Miss?

"Their coaches. They are so full of energy. I think it gets the team playing with adrenaline if you have your coaches so fired up like they are. It gets everything out of you."

Who accompanied Chris on his Auburn trip?

"Me and TE Austin DeVaney went together. He is at A Day right now. Austin is a great tight end. He is being recruited by everybody."

How did Chris' Auburn experience go?

"Auburn can be described in one word, beautiful. It is just beautiful. I got to go to a scrimmage. That was awesome. I liked being able to see the college players up close and moving around. That was my first college practice to ever go to. It let me know that I belong on that level. I think I could be very successful going against their offensive line, not to sound conceded or anything. I am just letting you know how I felt."

What new did Martin learn about Auburn?

"I did not get a chance to talk to their head coach, but he seemed really interested in us getting our degree. Every coach stressed how important our education was, and I am very serious with my grades, so that really stood out to me."

What did Chris like the most about Auburn?

"I do not know, honestly. What I was looking forward to the most was envisioning myself playing in that stadium. It is obviously bigger than Ole Miss'. I just envisioned myself making a mistake with all of that fans watching me, and then I envisioned myself making a huge play and everybody cheering me on. I got chills thinking about it."

Who are the main colleges that are recruiting Chris?

"Florida, Auburn, Ole Miss, Alabama, Minnesota, Clemson, FSU, Southern Mississippi, and North Carolina."

Any offers?

"Alabama and Central Florida have."

Has Chris taken any visits before this Spring?

"I went to Alabama's homecoming game last year against FIU. I got to meet all of their coaches and players. It was awesome. That was before the Saban thing happened, but Saban is the one who offered me a scholarship, not Coach Shula."

Who else would Martin like to visit?

"I would not mind seeing Clemson, North Carolina, and definitely Florida and FSU. I have been to some FSU games, but I have never seen their campus."

Chris had 66 tackles, 8 sacks, 2 pass deflections, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 recoveries as a junior at Choctawhatchee. He was named All-Florida for his play and was also named as a Jr All-American.

What makes Martin so good at DT?

"My quickness and my footwork. They tell me I have really quick feet."

Chris reports a 4.88 forty and benches 360 pounds and squats 460 but that is not good enough for Martin.

"I need to work on my strength and get stronger and faster."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factors?

"Playing time, my education, and if my girlfriend can get accepted. She has a lot to do with my decision. We have been dating for almost 2 years, and I am almost 100 percent sure we are going to be together for good. She is a weight lifter, but she wants to earn an academic scholarship."

Chris reports a 3.4 GPA and takes the SAT test for the first time in April.

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