Will younger play against older brother?

Alonzo Lawrence (DB, George County, MS) - One of the more versatile players in South Mississippi had 11 total TD's on offense/special teams and 60 tackles with 4 interceptions on defense.

Five of the touchdowns came through punt and kickoff returns. Lawrence has a knack of making the big play as 4 of his touchdowns were over 70 yards.

"My technique and speed gives me the opportunity to go the distance anytime I touch the ball," added Alonzo Lawrence who reports 4.4 forty speed. "But I still need to work on my techniques and get a lot stronger."

The All-Coast performer was also named 1st Team All-Sate in Class 4A as a CB and was named 2nd All-State as a kick off returner, per Lawrence.

Which colleges are recruiting the young man?

"I have scholarship offers from MSU and Ole Miss. I also get letters from Auburn, LSU, Alabama, USM, and Stanford."

Who does Alonzo feel like it closest to being his next offer?"Probably Auburn."

Any Jr Days taken in?

"I was suppose to go to Ole Miss' and LSU's, but my ride fell through. I do plan to go to a practive of Ole Misss, MSU's, and LSU's. I want to see what they are all about."

Which colleges are at the top of Alonzo's list?

"MSU and Ole Miss stand out because I got my first two offers there. My brother (Co-Eric Riley) is going to MSU next year. He will be a junior. He wants me to spend his last year with him at MSU, but I do not know about that. It all depends on who all MSU is bringing in at my position. I want immediate playing time. But I really want to play against him for another school in the same conference."

Why against?

"We go at it, and I want to see what I can do in a game situation against him. He makes me a better cornerback because he is a good WR. We just go at it all summer in the yard. I have always dreamed of competing against him."

What stands out about LSU?

"I like how they throw the ball a lot, and their team is really pumped. I like a team like that. They have a pretty good defense too. It seems like I would fit in with a team like that."

And Ole Miss?

"I just like their coaching staff. I like their style of play too. I like how they do stuff up there."

What are Auburn's positives?

"They have a pretty good team, and they have a good staff too. They just have a good program. That is what I like about Auburn."

What is Lawrence's favorite position to play?

"It is really cornerback. But really, wide receiver. They needed help at cornerback, so that is what I have been playing since I got here. But I think I am better at WR, way better. I just have played corner all of my life just to help the team out."

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