Another Powe on the horizon for Rebels?

Curtis Powe (DT, Wayne County, MS) - Some family members want to get away from their "shadow" but not Curtis.

"I learned everything I know from him (Jerrell Powe)," added Curtis Powe. "I even where his jersey number, 58. I study his film all of the time and watch his techniques and just everything about his game. He is so fast and strong and his techniques are the best out of any linemen I have seen play. That is what makes him so good," added Curtis Powe.

Big brother, Jerrell, has also taken upon himself to show little brother a thing or two.

"We watch film all the time together. He shows me what I am doing wrong, and what I need to be doing. He is pretty much my coach off the field."

Jerrell Powe was ranked as the nation's top defensive tackle coming out of high school but Curtis has yet to receive those accolades.

"In the offseason before my 10th grade year, I got in a fight with a teammate and was suspended for the season. Coach Boyles put me on probation. I did good while I was out, so he let me back on the team last summer."

The Waynesboro head coach wanted to teach the younger Powe the hard knocks of life so the punishment did not stop there.

"He did not let me start until midway through the year. It was hard on me, but I started controlling my temper a lot better."

Powe took out his frustrations on his opponents as the 6' 2", 292 pound defensive tackle collected 58 tackles, 13 for losses, and 5 sacks in the last half of the season.

"I got better and better as the year went. My best game was against Picayune. I think I had 9 tackles and a sack that game. We had a great season. We were the first team from here to go 15-0."

What are Curtis' strengths on the field?

"Speed, just coming off of the ball. My techniques are pretty good too, but I am real quick off of the ball."

Curtis' older brother signed with Ole Miss and is still working on his academics to gain eligibility. What is Curtis going to do?

"I am just looking at Ole Miss. They offered me a scholarship, and I think they have a good team. And besides, me and Jerrell want to play together, and he is going to be up there this Fall. We have been talking about playing together for a long time. It will make it easier on our family too. They can just go to one game to see both of us play."

The Ole Miss staff has also made a big impact on Curtis.

"Me and Coach Nielsen talk every week. I think he is a great guy, and I feel comfortable with him. I just feel comfortable with Ole Miss in general. We can't wait to get up there."

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