Ole Miss looking for some DT's

Willie Packer (DL, Moss Point, MS) - The Tigers will have two of the states most sought after prospects on their squad next year.

One of them is their standout defensive end.

"I play hard, work hard in the weight room, and try to motivate my teammates to play like me," added Willie Packer.

The 6' 2", 255 pounder does want to work on a couple of things during the offseason.

"I want to try and get my speed down (reports a 4.9 forty), and I need to work on my endurance and basic techniques."

Packer talks about his junior campaign.

"It was fair. It was not really how I wanted it to be because I got hurt. I was sitting on the sidelines thinking to myself that I was not suppose to be ther, so I got back in the games on the crucial downs, but I still have a long ways to go."

The All-Coast selection talks about the main colleges that are recruiting him.

"Ole Miss and MSU have offered me, but I am also being recruited real hard by LSU, Auburn, Alabama, and Tennessee."

Packer got his first taste of the national media when ESPN came into town.

"They wanted to take a picture of me, Josh Chestang (teammate) and DeAndre Brown for their All-American team. We met at the Holiday Inn last Saturday, and they probably took a 100 different pictures of us. It was pretty cool."

Three colleges stand out so far.

"LSU, Ole Miss, and Tennessee have caught my eye the most right now. I probably like LSU and Tennessee the most out of those three schools."

What does Willie like about each school?

"I went to LSU's Jr Day. It is a big campus. I like the way they help their football players get their degree. Their athletes do pretty well in the classroom., and they get you prepared for life."

"I just like Tennessee's football team right now. I have never visited Tennessee, but I rooted for them a long time ago, and I use Tennessee as my team a lot when I play video games."

"Ole Miss just sends me a lot of letters, and they talk about how they really need some DT's. I think I probably could just go right up there and play right away if I go there."

When it comes decision time; what will be the number one factor?

"I want to go in my first year and get enough playing time, so that when I am a sophomore, they will already know who I am. Distance makes no difference to me. I will play in Canada if they have a spot for me."

Packer reports a 16 on the ACT test.

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