Practice Report: Wednesday

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron and his staff put the Rebels through the tenth practice of 15 spring workouts today. Read how the practice session went, according to Coach O, inside.

The Ole Miss Rebels had a beautiful spring day for their 10th spring workout and Coach Ed Orgeron said he was pleased with the effort from both sides of the ball.

"The guys were ready to go. The coaches had them ready. Both sides did well. The defense started hard and the offense finished strong," said Orgeron.

Coach O pointed out TE Robert Hough and FS Kendrick Lewis as players who showed up well.

"Robert Hough caught some good balls out there today. He had an exceptional day at tight end - really, all the tight ends did in our third-down and medium situational period. The tight ends and the offense did a really god job in that period, winning most of the downs," he explained. "Also, Kendrick Lewis showed up well making plays.

"We had him in camp when he was a senior and we were recruiting him and I thought then he could be a real good safety. We felt all along he could be a good safety. Obviously he has a way to go in the learning process, but he has the talent to be a pretty good safety. He's instinctive, he's quick, he's strong and he likes to hit."

Orgeron said there is a battle going on at Sam LB between Ashlee Palmer and Antonio Turner.

"They are still battling and it's a close battle. Antonio is playing hard and knows the defense. He's physical and has matured. He's playing well," O noted. "Ashlee is a playmaker, but he's still learning the defense on the run. Those guys are stepping up a little bit."

O also mentioned Dustin Mouzon at cornerback as having the most consistent spring at that position to this point.

"Dustin knows what to do and he's healthy for a change. He's a physical kid who comes up and makes plays. He's one of the more physical cornerbacks - he likes to mix it up," Coach O added.

In the punting game, Orgeron said things are "OK."

"Rob Park is working on his consistency. He's doing OK. We've had some punts blocked this spring and we have to shore up our protection better," he allowed. "Overall, not bad. Making progress."

The Rebels will work out in helmets and shorts Friday. That will be their third helmet day, as required, but the practice will be intense, Orgeron said.

Saturday, the Rebels will scrimmage.

"We will work on special teams Saturday. We'll take the coaches off the field and let the guys play. We will go 60-70 snaps with each unit and see how they do," he closed.

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