Hardrick likes what he sees at Rebel practice

Jermarcus Hardrick (OL, Sardis, MS) - The former South Panola standout has found a new home.

"I wanted to move in with my momma, and she could not afford the gas to take me to Batesville and drive to work in Oxford everyday, so I decided to make it easy on everyone and transfer to North Panola," added Jermarcus Hardrick.

The move back to Sardis has rekindled his passion for the game but it has also come at a cost.

"I miss my old teammates. Me and Quinn Sanford still talk everyday. We had lunch at McDonalds in Batesville today. I still talk to Jonathan Wilson daily. I pretty much still hang out with all of the guys, but it is hard not finishing out with them. I am going to miss them. Those are my brothers, but my family tree just branched out. I love these guys over here too. I have known guys like Templeton Hardy and Bruce Wilbourn for a long time. Quinn and my mother actually live a couple of doors down in Sardis. It is not that big, so everybody pretty much knows everybody from around here. It is not like I just met all of these guys yesterday."

The 6' 6 1/2", 320 pound offensive line prospect took in an Ole Miss practice yesterday.

"Coach Johnson brought me, Templeton Hardy, and Bruce Wilbourn over there for the day."

How did the visit go?

"The first thing we did was talk to Coach Orgeron. He shook our hands and said he was going to do what he had to do to get us up there. The whole thing around there is energetic. Like when they run. When they get through with one drill, you sprint to the next one. There is no jogging or walking around at Ole Miss. It is full go. It is like what you read about in the papers about their staff. They are all hyped up and Coach Orgeron will strap it on anytime. It just motivates you watching them practice. I mean, it is almost like a game. Their staff is running around encouraging everyone, getting everyone all hyped up, but at the same time, they are staying on top of you. When I got a chance to watch the one on ones. It really got to me. It made me want to be a Rebel. There is a gap between them and everyone else. If Ole Miss offers me, that's where I am going."

How close is Ole Miss to offering?

"I got a handwritten letter from Coach Kehoe last week. He thinks I will have a chance to play early. He wants me to zone block, pull, and play aggressive. He just wants me to be a Rebel. I called him latter that day, and he said there was a good chance I would get an offer. Coach Kehoe told me that Coach Hughes was breaking down my film because Coach Orgeron really wants to see what I can do. Coach Hughes sent me a text to call him on Monday. I called him on Monday night, and he said that he wanted me to come to a practice so we could all have a one on one, so I came to practice today."

The North Panola group also had a chance to tour the campus.

"Our head coach's uncle is the Vice President at Ole Miss, and he took us around for a tour. We talked about our grades and much success we would have if we came to Ole Miss and got our degree. He said that would give us a better chance of getting a good job when we got out of school and entered the real world. He told us that he was going to come to our football game to see us play. But mainly, he just stressed to us the whole time that we had to stay on top of our grades and qualify first or everything else is for not. They are real big on your education over there. They look out for you outside of football. That is what I like about Ole Miss the most."

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