Rebel coaches make impact with TN lineman

Preston Bailey (OT, Nashville, TN) - When asked who will be the most sought after offensive lineman in the Volunteer state, most point towards Montgomery Bell Academy star tackle.

Their 6' 5", 315 pound three year starter has dominated at his position ever since he took over.

"I am a pretty athletic guy," stated Preston Bailey. I am a three sports guy. I play football, basketball, and run track. I have quick feet, and I am a hard worker. I try to always finish my blocks."

Preston still sees room for improvement.

"I need to drop some more weight. My goal is to get down to 300 so I can be more agile. I need to get stronger in the weight room too (benches 275/squats 405)."

Bailey talks about his junior season.

"It went well for me. All the hard work I put in last summer paid off. I gave up very few sacks, if any, and had plenty of pancakes. It was my best year by far."

Preston was awarded with his play as he was named 1st Team D11 3A All-State by the coaches, 1st Team All-State (overall) by the press, and 1st Team All-MidState."

Who are the main colleges involved in Bailey's recruitment?

"Tennessee, Clemson, Miami, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Michigan, Georgia Tech, and Florida. Those are the main colleges out of many."

Any early scholarship offers?

"I have offers from Ole Miss, Vandy, MTSU, Tennessee, Clemson, and Miami."

Why was Vandy not mentioned as one of the main colleges that is recruiting Preston when they have offered?

"Vandy is heavily recruiting me. Add them as well."

Any Jr Days this Spring?

"I have only been to Vandy because it is close to home, but this weekend I plan on attending Tennessee's Jr Day."

How did the Vandy experience go?

"It was real nice. The coaches made me feel welcomed. I got a feel for Vandy's academics. There was a lot of stuff I already knew because it is so close to home, and I have already been over there so many times."

What attracts Bailey to Tennessee?

"They are known to have a prestigious football program. It is close to home. My family can see me play. And Coaches Cutcliffe and Fulmer make me feel welcomed. I liked the atmosphere of their campus and playing in front of 107,000. There is no place like that."

Bailey has several colleges that have caught his eye, but he wanted to send a message to a few colleges that are not recruiting him.

"I wish LSU, Georgia, Texas, and possible Southern Cal and possible Ohio State would start recruiting me. I would be interested in checking out their program if they did."

And the colleges that are currently recruiting Preston; which ones does Preston want to check out?

"I definitely plan on going to Clemson. I want to go to Michigan between now and the start of the season. Alabama, Florida maybe and maybe Miami. If I can find time to make it to those, I will."

Which coaches have stood out to Bailey so far?

"I probably have the closest relationship with Coaches Fulmer and Cutcliffe at Tennessee and Coaches Freeze and Orgeron at Ole Miss stand out as well. When I talk to Coach Cutcliffe, I just feel like he can relate to me. It feels like we have known each other for years. And Coaches Freeze and Orgeron at Ole Miss have been in constant contact with me, and they always want me to know more and more about me. Those are just a few coaches so far that have stood out."

Where does Ole Miss stand with Bailey?

"I like Coaches Freeze and Orgeron and how they are trying to improve their athletics and academics, so they stand pretty well with me right now. I am putting them on the same pedestal as the rest of the colleges. I just want to take all of my visits and figure it out after my season is over."

Has Preston had anymore contact with the college coaches that are recruiting him?

"I have also developed a very good relationship with Coach Napier at Clemson. The Georgia Tech coaches are really nice. And the recruiting coordinator at Michigan. I am starting to build relationships with those guys."

Bailey carries a 3.55 GPA and takes the ACT test for the first time in April.


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