Rebs stay in Top 3 for National 100 prospect

Chris Jordan (LB, Brentwood, TN) - One of the country's top prospects received a new offer this month.

"Alabama is on that list now," added Chris Jordan. I think they offered me in early March."

The Tide joined the Vols, Rebs, Dawgs (Georgia), Tigers (Clemson), War Eagles, and Vandy on the offer list.

Where does Alabama now stand?

"I am interested. I want to see what they have. I have never been to Alabama, period, but I want to see what it is like. Another coach, Clemson's old running back's coach, Cignette, he is now at Alabama. Him and Saban text me a lot."

Has Jordan made any recent unofficial visits?

"I have just been staying in town and working so I have not had a chance to travel. I went to Ole Miss' Jr Day and that is about it. I told the rest of the schools I had to work. They understood."

Where does Chris want to visit next?

"I definitely want to go see Clemson. I have made arrangements with Coach Saban to go down and watch a Spring practice of theirs too."

Which colleges have stayed the most consistent with Chris?

"Alabama is staying consistent. I say Alabama, Ole Miss, and Clemson are texting and keeping in touch the most. Out of those three schools, I try to keep in touch the most with Clemson."

What has Clemson out in front?

"The funny thing about it, I do not know what is attracting me to Clemson. When I went to a combine there last year, I liked their staff. I want to see what it is really like down there. That will be the school I will be visiting a lot, so I can try and get a feel for them."

Who else is standing out?

"I would not say anybody else. At the top of my list are Clemson, Ole Miss, and Alabama. That is my Top 3. I would have a good chance to play early at those three schools. Those are the three schools that keep a communication line open. Instead of me having to contact them, they contact me."

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