Peach star QB takes in Ole Miss scrimmage

Justin Tuggle (QB, Duluth, GA) - One of the top quarterback prospects in the Peach State has been on a Spring tour from the colleges that are showing him the most interest.

This weekend Justin's father, Jessie Tuggle who was a star for the Atlanta Falcons for a number of years, and Justin got a chance to view the Ole Miss and MSU practices.

How did the Ole Miss visit go?

"We got up there on Thursday night and went around the square and just looked around the town. They have such a neat town at Ole Miss. It is unique and something you would see in the movies or something. Friday morning we woke up early, around 6:00 am, and we went and spoke with Coach Orgeron for around 30 minutes. He told me where I fell in their pecking order for QB's, so that was good to find out about that. Then we went and spoke with Coach Werner; their offensive coordinator. He showed us around the campus and showed us their facilities. Then we watched practice, and that was about it," added Justin Tuggle.

What new did Tuggle learn about the Rebels during the trip?

"I learned how close they were to the top schools in the SEC. They were just a few points away from beating the top dogs in the SEC last year. They are just a few players away, and with the players they brought in last year and this year, they are about to be one of the top schools. Their facilities are also pretty special. They are as nice as anybody's facilities I have seen so far, and I have pretty much been everywhere. I also liked the fact that everything is together, so you do not have to walk far to get around."

Justin also observed a few things about how Ole Miss' practices are run.

"The first thing I noticed with Coach Orgeron was how intense and how much energy he has. I loved that. I love for my coach to be that involved. When I talked to him on the phone, he told me that his practices would be more intense than anything I had ever seen, and he held true to his word. Their practices are crazy. Coaches are running around like it is a war out there. They are shouting, screaming, but in a good way. They get on their players, but they are encouraging them at the same time, just keeping them motivated. You have to run full sprint from one drill to the next or it is not pretty (laugh). I loved that. Their coaches are just really into it. I will put it that way."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss during Justin's trip?

"The high energy of everyone there. You know in your heart that they are about to be one of those elite teams because of how hard they work and how passionate they are about their job. I also loved how he told me that each position is etched in sand. You have to practice every single day or the next guy will be starting in front of you the next (game). And lastly, I know that both of the QB's they are playing this year are seniors. That is a big attraction. That will play a big role. They do not have a QB set in stone for the year I get there. All they have right now is that QB that transferred from Texas, (Jevan) Snead. But that is it. The situation is there for me to get some early playing time or redshirt and play the following year."

Justin and his father left the Ole Miss campus late Friday afternoon to and headed 90 miles southeast to Starkville.

"My and my dad had a nice experience. It was Super Bulldog weekend, and that is a big event around there. They had a good crowd for their football and baseball games. We walked around town and everyone had their Bulldog shirts and caps on. The fans have complete faith in Coach Croom. They are just ready for him to start winning some games, and I think he will do it."

What new did Tuggle learn about MSU?

"I had never been there before, so it was all new, really. I did not know how nice their facilities and athletic dorms are. They have a very nice athletic dorm. The nicest I have seen yet. It is brand new. My class will also be getting a brand new academic learning center. They are breaking ground on it tomorrow. Everything was real nice at MSU. I really enjoyed myself."

What stood out the most about the Dogs?

"I liked the QB situation. It is looking real good. They have no set starter for my class. I really liked that part about it. That is really attractive for me. MSU is also the only school that has offered me a scholarship so far. That says a lot about their confidence in me. They also have a great recruiting class coming in. I think they will be one of the teams to compete for the SEC title the following year."

Where else has Justin visited this Spring?

"I went to Jr Days at Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and I went to two of the Georgia Tech practices."

And where does he go next?

"I am not sure. This week is Spring break for us. If I have time, I might go to the Georgia Tech spring game next Saturday. I just do not know yet."

Who would Justin consider the main schools involved in his recruitment?

"Right now, I would have to say Ole Miss, LSU, MSU, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, and North Carolina."

Who is closest to offering next?

"I think they are all pretty close. They just want to see me throw the ball at one of their camps. When I do that, I think they will come."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors ?

"Playing time will be a major factor, and the coaching staff will play a big role too."

Does Justin feel like he has developed a tight bond with any particular staff?

"Not yet, but I really enjoyed spending time with Coaches Croom and Orgeron. They are two different personalities, but I could really see myself building a special bond with both of them."

Justin broke a bone in his left forearm as a junior in game six and missed the rest of the season. During his time on the field, he threw for 883 yards and 9 TD's. As a sophomore, he passed for over 1, 400 yards and 16 TD's and was named 2nd Team All-State and Metro.

Tuggle reports a 3.2 GPA / 21 ACT

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