'Ole Miss is recruiting me the hardest'

William Moore (WR/CB, Jackson, MS) - One of the more electrifying players in the Magnolia state preps at Jackson Provine.

"I just run good routes, catch the ball, and try to make something happen with the ball in my hands," stated William Moore who goes by "Justin" by his family and friends..

Last year Moore was named to the All-Metro team by the Clarion Ledger after hauling in 36 passes for 501 yards and 10 TD's on offense and 5 int's and 1 kickoff return on defense and special teams.

"I feel it was a pretty good year for me and my team. I think I did a lot to help us win, and I am going to try and do even more my senior season. I feel we could have did even better in the games we lost. I feel we could have won all of them."

Who are the main colleges involved in William's recruitment?

"Ole Miss sends me letters everyday. I have gotten a couple more letters from some more schools like Auburn. I have gotten a couple from LSU, Alabama, MSU, and USM too."

Any offers yet?

"No sir, not yet."

Who does he feel like is closest to offering?

"I really do not know yet. Ole Miss is recruiting me the hardest, but I do not know if that means anything."

Which colleges have caught William's eye?

"LSU, Alabama, and Auburn."

What stands out with LSU?

"I feel they have a good football team where I can go and play and win."

And Alabama?

"I feel the same as I do with LSU."

What are Auburn's positives?

"I feel like they have a good program. I just want to work hard, and I want to win."

Has Moore had a chance to take in any visits this Spring?

"No sir, but our coach said he was going to get us to the Ole Miss and Auburn 7 on 7 passing camps."

What are William's thoughts on the two Mississippi teams?

"Ole Miss, they just work hard and play hard every game. MSU, I feel like they take pride in themselves and go out and play hard every game and try to win."

What do the Mississippi teams have to do to jump into Moore's list of favorites?

"I really do not know. I guess just go out and keep playing hard and win some games."

Williams' father, Jeffrey Moore, is no stranger to the Mississippi programs as he actually signed with both Ole Miss and MSU in the same year after a standout career with Kosciusko before finally playing for Jackson State and later for the San Francisco 49ers from 1979-1985.

"I have learned a lot from my dad. I am going to lean on him throughout my recruitment. He knows what is best for me."

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