MS DL plans to attend Grove Bowl

Joshua Jackson (DL, Canton, MS) - The 6' 4", 270 pound defensive lineman felt the hype going into his junior season but passed the test with flying colors.

"I had a little more expectations this year than my sophomore season because I had to live up to the hype. I had to prove I could do it. I just tried to go hard every play. I had a good season. I finished the year with 84 tackles and 14 sacks," added Joshua Jackson.

Jackson actually led Class 4A in sacks and was named to the All-District team as an award.

"I think I am a pretty good pass rusher. I do well at containing the end."

What would Joshua like to work on?

"I need to get my speed down to like a 4.6 (reports a 4.8), and I need to get stronger (reports a 335 bench)."

Who are the main colleges involved in Jackson's recruitment?

"MSU, Ole Miss, USM, Arkansas, LSU, and Notre Dame."

Any early offers?

"MSU offered me in the beginning of March."

Has Joshua had a chance to take in any Spring visits?

"I have been to Ole Miss' Jr Day, and that is it so far. I plan to go back up to Oxford on Saturday for their Spring game."

Who accompanied Joshua on his Ole Miss visit?

"My cousin, dad, and head coach."

What did they think of Ole Miss?

"They liked the atmosphere and thought it was a good academic school."

What did Jackson think about Ole Miss?

"I was impressed. It was nice. Everybody was humble."

The visit was Joshua's first trip to Oxford so what new did he learn about Ole Miss during the trip?

"They have a rich football tradition, and everybody likes to have a lot of fun."

What impressed Jackson the most about the Rebels during his visit?

"The way they stressed academics and how they want to build a good program and not just be all about football. They want to win, but they really stressed the importance of getting out degree."

Who are some more colleges that have caught Joshua's eye?

"MSU, LSU, and USM."

What stands out about the Dogs?

"I have been going to their camps the past two summers. When I was there, everybody was courteous, and they have a good work ethic when it comes to football."

What are USM's positives?

"Just the nature of how their players are and their coaches. They are all about winning at USM."

And LSU?

"Just the atmosphere they have. The fans and everybody around the town wants to see you do good."

Who does Jackson believe is closest to offering next?

"I say Arkansas. They have been sending me a lot of letters, asking me to come to their camp, and telling me about the academic side of their school."

Has Joshua had a chance to build a bond with any of the coaches who are recruiting him?

"Yes, Coach O (Orgeron) from Ole Miss. He is really cool. He likes to get to know you and not just as a player, but as a person. And Coach Stringer from MSU. He is more like a buddy than a coach. He is real down to earth and humble. I could see myself playing for coaches like those two."

Jackson reports a 2.4 GPA / 17 ACT.

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