Rebels continue to pursue DeAndre Jones

DeAndre Jones (LB, Memphis, TN) - One of Memphis' top prospects had a chance to attend Tennessee' Spring game this past Saturday.

"It was cool. Me and a friend of mine, Chris Taylor, went up there," added DeAndre Jones.

How did the overall experience go?

"It was pretty good. We liked the campus. I met with Chris Walker and we walked around and met a few people. I liked the school. I really do. We talked to the players and coaches. They were all cool. It is close to home, and it is just a nice school."

What was the highlight of the trip?

"Probably watching the Spring game and seeing how competitive they are. It made me want to get out on the field and play some football for them. It was nice."

Did the 6' 0", 215 pound linebacker receive an offer from the Vols during the trip?

"No, my only offer is still from Ole Miss."

Which college is closest to offering next?

"Stanford is starting to look at me real hard."

Who else is heavily in the mix?

"Stanford, Ole Miss, MSU, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Harvard, Princeton, Aunburm, and just a lot of SEC schools. I do not really have a #1 school. I am just loooking to make a lot of visits this summer before the start of the school year."

Anymore Spring visits?

"I went to Ole Miss' Jr Day."

How did that go?

"It was nice. It was better than what I was expecting. I thought it would be pretty ordinary, but it made me realize how big of a program they have, and they are looking for improvement in years to come."

Highlight of the trip?

"Probably running through the tunnel to the middle of the field holding hands with Coach Orgeron. That got me pretty fired up. I like his passion for the game. I enjoyed that a lot."

Anymore spring visits on the horizon?

"Hopefully I am going to Georgia Tech. I forget when Jr Day is, but I want to make it to one more visit over there."

Who else would Jones like to visit?

"Probably Auburn and maybe MSU. I am not really sure yet. I have to talk it over with my mom and see what I am going to do."

What stands out about Auburn?

"They have a nice program and a nice academic program as well. I want to check them out and see what the have as well."


"They really just started showing me real interest, but they are showing me a lot lately. They are texting and telling me how bad they want me to be a Dog. I just have to make it to campus and see how it is."

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