Diamond Rebs host key prospect this weekend

Taylor Hightower (C, Cartersville, GA) - Taylor's stock skyrocketed last summer when he was named MVP for the underclassmen in the prestigious Perfect games World Series.

It should come as no surprise as the East Cobb member batted .525 with 5 Hr's and 34 RBI's for Cartersville High as only a sophomore.

Add his hitting ability with his rocket arm (1.85 seconds from home plate to second base), body frame (6' 1", 190) and you are looking at one of the '08 class' top catcher prospects.

"I feel like I give my pitchers confidence, and I can control the running game. Hitting, I feel like my strength is getting people home when they are in scoring position. I just try to do anything I can to help my team win,"added the very respectful Taylor Hightower.

The game of baseball is obviously important to the young man.

"I find it challenging because it is the only sport where you can fail and be a success. You can hit 3 for 10 and be in the Hall of Fame. You have to deal with failure to be successful. I just love the challenges it brings."

Hightower has a list of pursuers that is a book long, but only four have made the cut list.

"I have narrowed it down to Ole Miss, Auburn, Virginia, and Georgia Tech."

Has Taylor had a chance to visit each school?

"I have visited all four, and I am going to Ole Miss this weekend for their Spring weekend. I have been to Virginia. I have been to Auburn several times because it is so close, and Georgia Tech is just down the road."

What stands out about the Rebels?

"They have been one of the top programs in the SEC the past couple of years, well, actually the last five years. The main reason I am interested in them is that Coach Bianco was a catcher, and every catcher he has coached has been drafted. That is a huge plus for them. I also got a chance to attend their camp last summer, and they have one of the more beautiful campuses in the country. This trip I want to get an in-depth view of everything."

What are Auburn's positives?

"I know the head and assistant coaches there because they recruited my brother, Matt, so I am familiar with them. And like Ole Miss, they have one of the prettiest campuses, and it is only like 2 hours from my house."

Where is Matt now?

"He signed with Florida, but transferred to Western Kentucky."

And Georgia Tech?

"They have had one of the more talented teams in the country the past 5 years. And like Coach Bianco, every one of their catchers have been drafted. I can also go home when ever I want to if I go there."

What does Taylor like about Virginia?

"They have a prestigious academic reputation, and when they got their new head coach, he turned it around. They are currently ranked in the Top 10. Plus, I like history, and it is one of the more historical colleges in the country."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

"The separation factor will be the coaching I receive. Instead of being an administrator, I want the head coach to help me become a better catcher and player. That is all it will basically come down to. Who can tutor me the best?"

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