Mississippi DT frequent visitor to Ole Miss

Templeton Hardy (DT, Como, MS) - One of Mississippi's top prospects has been spotted at several of Ole Miss' practices as of late.

"I have been over to Ole Miss for a bunch of their practices. I have been to like three practices, a scrimmage (Spring game), and their Jr Day. I think I have a good feel for it over there now," added the always personable Templeton Hardy.

What has Hardy learned about Ole Miss during the practices?

"I got to see them do the board drills and all of that. I learned that their coaches make practice real fun to watch and play in. They are all into their plays and real energetic."

Templeton also had a chance to observe his competition if he were to sign with Ole Miss.

"They have some good DT's, but they need some more. I think I can get in there next year and play right away. What I have noticed is how much they rip and swim. They do a lot of stuff with their hands to free them up. Coach O (Orgeron) likes his tackles to get up field, and that is what I do best. Put pressure on the QB."

Hardy has had several conversations with Coach Orgeron during his visits.

"He always tells me how good is to see me and to make myself at home. He gets me out there on the field and lets me observe real close on how they do things."

Hardy also had a chance to take in a MSU practice earlier this Spring, so how do the two Mississippi schools cpmpare?

"The atmosphere is different. The Ole Miss coaches are real energetic. The MSU coaches are too, but the Ole Miss coaches they go out there and get in the middle of the play before it is over with to make it fun. They are just more hyped up about everything at Ole Miss."

Has Templeton's parents had a chance to take in any visits to MSU or Ole Miss?

"No sir, my coach has been bringing me. She (mother) is going to come with me on my official visits."

MSU and Ole Miss are obviously two schools of interest; who would be next in line?

"Alabama. Their coaches are easy to talk to and energetic too. They have been sending me letters about how practices are going. I have been reading them, and they seem like they are having some real good practices."

Who falls after Alabama?

"Tennessee. I like talking to their coaches too. They are real hyped too. They text me, and they are easy to talk to, and they know how to win."

Anymore visits in store in the near future?

"I would like to go to some camps, but that will be about it."

The 6' 4", 280 pound defensive tackle collected 105 solo tackles, 43 assists, 28 for losses, and 9 sacks during his junior campaign.

Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, San Diego State, Tennessee and Tulane have offered.

Templeton reports a 3.2 GPA / 18 ACT.

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