Magnolia CB takes in Grove Bowl

Dominique Davenport (CB, Baldwyn, MS) - The Rebels offered Dominique last week and received a visit this Saturday from the 2006 All-State (Class 2A) performer.

"Ole Miss offered me like two weeks back," added Dominique Davenport. "I went over there to a practice and came back to their Spring game."

Did anyone accompany Davenport on his visit?

"Two of my coaches took me to the game. One is a big MSU fan (Coach Dillenger/head coach) and one is a big Ole Miss fan (Coach Lindsey/DB coach). They were joking around about the two schools, but even my head coach liked it a lot at Ole Miss."

What new did Dominique learn about Ole Miss during his visits?

"I learned that they have real nice facilities, and their head coach said that they are needing some cornerbacks. They are graduating one CB and only have 1 returning with the 2 CB's they signed in this last class. I think I can play early if I go there."

What were some observations from the Grove Bowl?

"I like the way their defense plays and different types of coverages they did. I just like the way they play."

What impressed Davenport the most about Ole Miss during the trips?

"Their staff sticks out to me the most. I like the way they treatd me. They are real excited about everything. They love to coach."

Dominique has also had a chance to take in a couple of MSU visits?

"My head coach brought me to MSU's Jr Day and one of their practices. He likes MSU a lot. I liked it too. He showed me around and what to expect because he has been over there a bunch."

What new did Davenport learn about MSU during his trips?

"I learned that it is a real family atmosphere. They really care about their players going to school and getting their degree."

What stood out about MSU the most?

"I have to say I like their staff too. State is more laid back than Ole Miss' staff."

Does Davenport prefer a laid back or hyped up approach?

"I like both equally the same, really."

Who else is recruiting the Super 24 prospect?

"Alabama, USM, and Arkansas State."

Anymore offers?

"No sir, just State and Ole Miss."

What stands out about Alabama?

"I like their new head coach, but I have never had a chance to speak to any of them over there, so I do not know much about Alabama. I just know that Coach Saban has a good reputation."

And USM?

"I have a lot of family in Hattiesburg. But really, I do not know too much about USM."

Dominique had 908 yards of offense last season and 39 tackles and 7 int's at corner.

"My biggest strength is reading the offenses, QB's, and I have good recovery speed."

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