Another "Gunther" is on the way

Yogi Gunther (Inf, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) - Rebel fans remember the name Gunther well, as Barry Gunther helped lead Ole Miss within a game of the 2005 College World Series.

Younger brother, Yogi, does play in the infield like Barry, but he plays 3B/2B and not catcher.

"I think I have a good arm and quick hands," added Yogi Gunther. "Ole Miss does not know where I am going to play just yet, but it will probably be 2B or 3B. I have played both positions all of my life so either is fine with me."

The 6' 1", 200 pound Westminster prospect thinks of himself more as a power hitter at the plate than anything else.

"I like to say I have good power, but I only have 3 jacks this year. That is strange because I have always been noted to hit the long ball. I am hitting over .500 on the season though. I hit well to all sides of the park."

Westminster had a slow start to the season but things have begun to pick up.

"We are 11-8 but we just had a really good showing in the Sarasota Tourney, so things are on the up."

Westminster's club is noted as a traditional powerhouse as two of their players signed with the University of Florida last year and three more are committed/signed with D1 programs this year.

"We live/eat/and breath baseball around here. It is a religion at this school."

Yogi plays for the "Powerhouse" AAU team out of Miami but skipped play this summer.

"I played this Fall. We played in the FIU and Perfect Games tournaments. I did pretty good. I batted around .500."

Why did this Gunther choose the Rebels?

"They are a program that is doing well. They are only getting stronger and better and contending to get to Omaha every year."

Did Yogi's brother have any influence?

"He just gave me a lot of advice on how much he liked it. He said he wished he would have stayed another year, and I would regret it if I did not go to Ole Miss. Plus, I have seen Ole Miss in person several times, so I knew what it was all about."

One would think that Gunther's decision to commit to Ole Miss would be a shoe in, but that simply was not the case.

"I really thought hard about Louisville because of Coach McDonnell, and the fact that they showed me a lot of early interest before anyone else did, but I had to go with my heart."

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