KY TE has to cancel OM visit at last minute

Ryan Wallace (TE, Bowling Green, KY) - The 6' 6", 240 pound tight end prospect from Bowling Green High school had planned on visiting Alabama, Ole Miss, and MSU over this past weekend with teammate, D.L. Moore, but those plans changed.

"We did not end up making it down there," commented Ryan Wallace. "My parents had to go out of town at the last moment, and we did not have a ride, so I ended up not being able to make it."

Ryan had visited Ole Miss and Alabama before, so it was not life or death.

"I made it to an Ole Miss practice last month, and I went down to Alabama earlier this Spring too. I spoke with Coach Freeze (Ole Miss) as soon as we found out late Friday that we were not going to be able to come. He told me he was fine with it and understood my situation. It would have been a bigger deal if I had never been down there before, but I have. He was fine with it. I am going to try and make it for one of their camps. I also spoke with Alabama right after I spoke with Coach Freeze. They were fine with it too. I might try to make it to a camp of theirs too."

Wallace has been a busy man this Spring as he has visited several campuses.

"Man, I have been to a lot of places. I went to Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Vandy, and Georgia Tech. Ohio State called my dad late last week, and they watched my tape and wanted to get me up there on Tuesday, so I am headed there right now."

Ryan is holding scholarship offers from Ole Miss, Cincinnati, and Oklahoma State. Who might be next:?

"Probably Wake Forest or maybe Ohio State. The way they were talking to my dad, Ohio State might be close, but I am not sure about that until I meet with them today. Tennessee is also talking to me a lot. Their TE coach (Matt Luke) is sending me a bunch of texts, and they are real interested in me."

What has Coach Luke had to say?

"Well, he told me they are only going to take one more tight end, and it is between me and two other guys. He is coming here on April 25th to watch me workout. They recruited my teammate, Stewart Hines last year, so I know their staff pretty well. Stewart signed with Kentucky though."

Which colleges are now at the top of Wallace's list?

"I would put Ole Miss, Ohio State, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Louisville, Oklahoma State, and Alabama at the top."

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