South Panola OL takes in Grove Bowl

uinn Sanford (OL, South Panola, MS) - The 6' 3", 295 pound offensive guard out of South Panola had a chance to take in the Ole Miss Spring game this past Saturday.

How did the visit go?

"It went great. Me and LB Justin Carothers, CB Bud Barksdale, OL Jonathan Wilson, OL Cameron Wagner, DE Terrance Pope, DE Charles Corley, and WR Montez Austin rode down there early Saturday morning. We met with the coaches, went to the game, came back to the indoor facility and hung out with the players, and then we went home," added Quinn Sanford.

What did Sanford focus on during the scrimmage?

"When they came out of the tunnel, getting crunk, and ran out on the field. I got pretty pumped up. It made me want to be out there with them. My cousin, Jamarca Sanford, he made the first big hit of the game, that got the crowd all into it. It was on after that."

What were Quinn's thoughts about the OL?

"I was looking at my other cousin, John Jerry. The first play, he pancaked a guy 15 yards down the field. All they do is zone block, like we are going to do next year."

What did the Ole Miss coaches have to say to Sanford?

"I spoke to Coach Orgeron as soon as I got there. He said, what's up "Big Q". That's my nickname around here. I said what's up "Big O". That is his nickname around here too. He asked me if I have been staying in the weight room, and I said yes. Then he told he was going to be at our first practice, and he wanted to hear some pads pop. I told him he was coming to the right place because I always have some pop in my licks. He told me that he hopes I show him a good performance because I was talking big, and I told him I perform big every day. I am just a performer."

Quinn and Coach Orgeron seem to have built a pretty tight bond.

"I feel like he is just one of the guys that I grew up with. He is like a brother to me. We are pretty much blood. Some of our family must have hooked up in the past because we think just a like."

Sanford has had MSU at the top of his list for the past couple of months; has anything changed?

"I have MSU and Florida up top followed by Alabama and then Ole Miss."

Any new offers?

"Florida, Ole Miss, MSU, and Alabama. That is about it."

Quinn explains why he has the Rebels in fourth place despite the built in connections.

"I grew up playing with all of my cousins, so I just want to play against them for once. To be truthful, they have been in the limelight at Ole Miss, and now it is my time. But my momma really wants me to go to Ole Miss, so you know. It will be tough in the end to not go there. She usually gets her way (laugh)."

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