Bayou's top signal caller visits Ole Miss

James Landry (QB, Napoleonville, LA) - One of the rising prospects in the Bayou State is beginning to make some noise on the recruiting front.

"I went to Ole Miss on Saturday for their Spring game," added James Landry. Minnesota is suppose to be sending me an offer in the mail pretty soon. I went to LSU's Jr Day and Spring game. Alabama, Purdue, and Mississippi State are also recruiting me real hard.

James threw for over 2,050 yards and 29 total TD's as a junior and rushed for another 455 on only 52 carries. The signal caller from Assumption s measured in at 6' 5 1/4", 200 at LSU's Jr Day last month.

"They told me that I had the same body frame that Jermarcus Russell had when he came to their program."

A rocket arm, quick feet, and a classic body frame has college recruiters keeping a very close eye on the All-District and Region performer.

"I have a real strong arm, and I move around pretty good. I run it in the 4.6 to 4.7 range, and I have good pocket awareness."

Landry still has room for improvement.

"I just need to keep lifting weights, doing agility drills, work on my footwork, and my ball handling skills in the backfield. It gets a little sloppy at times."

The Bayou 1st Team All-Region pick talked about his Ole Miss visit.

"I went down there with my sister and uncle. That was our first time to Ole Miss. I was very impressed. I was not expecting it to be that great, but it was real nice. I liked the practice fields, indoor facility, weight room, everything they showed us I was impressed with. The scrimmage went good. The offense is more Pro Style. Everything was real impressive, unexpected."

Why unexpected?

"I was expecting it to be nice, but not that nice. My first visit was to LSU and it went real good too, real good. My second visit, I went to Auburn. It was good, but not like LSU. So I was kind of expecting my Ole Miss visit to be like Auburn's. Everybody told me that LSU had the nicest facilities in the country, but when I went to Ole Miss, I saw they had another school like LSU."

What did the coaches have to say to James?

"Coaches Orgeron and Wilson told me they simply could not miss on their QB this year, so they are going to be at my spring practice to make sure everything looks good."

What did Landry observe while watching the Ole Miss offense during the scrimmage?

"I realized that I could fit in. We do a lot of the things they do, but we run a shut gun formation more, and they run a pro style. But I could run that type of offense. It should not be that hard. And plus, if I make it to the next level, it will prepare me for that."

What about the OM QB's?

"Brent Schaeffer, you can tell he has the most talent and ability out there. He looked like the real deal to me. He just made a couple of loose passes. But that QB from Texas that just transferred, he looked like the real deal too. Their QB's looked pretty good to me."

James talks about his visit to LSU's Jr Day.

"Jr Day was real impressive. They showed us their academic facilities and the spring game we just watched the game. They looked good. Their players are real bulked up. They have to have a real good workout program because the other schools do not look like that."

And what about the LSU Spring game?

"The best thing about their spring game was the picnic they had after the game. They had all of the coaches, their families, the players, their families, and the recruits and our parents for a picnic after the game. It gave me a chance to meet all of the coaches and players. We got a lot of one on one time. It was real good to have a face to face with Coach Mallery and the offensive coordinator."

What was LSU's message to Landry?

"They told me to keep working hard, and they wanted me to come to their camp to see if they are going to offer me."

Where will James visit next?

"For right now, my next step is to take in some camps. I am going to the combine in New Orleans on April 21st, and I will take in some team camps like LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, and that is all I think. I might try to fit in one more camp, probably to a Louisiana school, like La Tech."

Which colleges are now at the top of Landry's list?

"My top schools are LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Minnesota."


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