Where does Ole Miss stand with Florida WR?

T.J. Lawrence (WR, Lakeland, FL) - One of the Sunshine's top prospects is sporting three new scholarship offers.

"Iowa, Michigan State, and Clemson are my newest offers," added T. J. Lawrence.

Which brings the total to?

"I have offers from Virginia Tech (recruiting him for safety), Boise State (recruiting him for safety), LSU (recruiting him for WR), Iowa (recruiting him for WR), Clemson (recruiting him for safety), Ole Miss (recruiting him for WR), Arizona State (recruiting him for WR), UConn (recruiting him for safety and receiver), and Michigan State (recruiting him for WR)."

The 2006 All-State selection is getting recruited at both receiver and safety as he finished his junior campaign with 51 catches for 1,045 yards and 12 touchdowns. while picking off five passes at safety.

But there is only one position he would like to play on the next level.

"For sure, wide receiver. I am really good at the deep ball."

What are T.J.'s strengths at safety?

"I would say run support."

Are there anymore colleges who have not offered that are heavily in the mix?

"Florida has been talking to me. That is about it."

Which colleges have caught Lawrence's eye?

"Virginia Tech, Boise State, LSU, Clemson, and Michigan State."

What stands out with each school?

Virginia Tech - "Defense and their DB's."

Boise State - "Their program, period. They also signed my partner, Antwon Murray.

LSU - "The same thing with LSU. I just like their program."

Clemson - "I would say their defense, and I like their colors."

Michigan State - "I do not know too much about them. I guess because they are a top 20 team."

Where do the colleges who have offered but are not at the top of T.J.'s list stand?

Iowa - "They are not too high on my list, but they are a good college if you ask me, but I have never seen them play."

Ole Miss - "I like Ole Miss a lot, and the have a beautiful campus. I went to their 7 on 7 camp last summer. I guess I have more interest in the other schools, but Ole Miss is a good school and a good program, and I love Coach Orgeron. They were really the first school to start recruiting me."

UConn - "It's too cold up there (laugh)."

Who is coming after T.J. the hardest?

"I would have to say Virginia Tech, then Boise State, and then Clemson. In that order."

Which coaches has Lawrence built a tight bond with?

"I would say Coach Gray, the DB coach at Virginia Tech. He is a Kathleen alumni. He is a hometown boy and funny too. I probably have connected with him more than anybody, although I really like the coaches at Boise State and Ole Miss' head coach too."

Lawrence reports a 2.6 GPA / 17 ACT.

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