Ole Miss eyes Amite County lineman

James Brown (OT, Liberty, MS) - Some insiders point towards Amite County when discussing who the top offensive line prospect will be in the Magnolia state for the '08 class.

The 6' 5", 325 pound power lifting star (placed 4th in the state this year) reports a 5.3 forty and has been starting for his high school since the first game of his 9th grade season.

This James Brown does more than sing, as he simply pancakes anybody in front of him. James had a Class 2A high of 108 pancakes as a junior. Brown was also named Amite County's Rookie of the Year as a 9th grader, Defensive Player of the Year (103 tackles and 14 sacks) as a 10th grader, and is a two time All-State selection in Class 2A.

What does Brown consider to be his strengths?

"My pass blocking, really," added James Brown. "I have quick feet for someone my size."

Any chance James will get a look for the defensive side of the ball?

"I really do not know. Nobody has told me a position yet, but I think most of them like me for offensive tackle."

Which colleges are actively recruiting Brown?

"I get a couple of letters from Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansas, Iowa State, Houston, MSU, USM, Auburn, and Illinois. But mostly, I get the most stuff from Ole Miss."

It is no surprise that Ole Miss has offered.

"That is it, so far. I am hoping LSU will offer me next."

What stands out about the Tigers?

"Because it is close to home, and they are a big university where I can get a lot more learning and enhance my education."

What about the Rebels?

"They have a good academic program, and I have a pretty good relationship with Coach Orgeron. He is trying to persuade me. He really wants me to come up there. I do not really know right now. I am just trying to feel everybody out. I have only been to one campus so far and that is to LSU. I went to their Jr Day last month. It was nice. I got a chance to talk with Coach Henson. I just need a chance to see what everybody has got before I make a decision."

Has Brown set up any visits in the near future?

"No sir, I have not signed up for any camps, except for the Scout.com combine in New Orleans next weekend. I want to go to some though."

Where all would James like to visit?

"I want to go to Tennessee, Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, and I want to go back to LSU."

What does James like about Auburn?

"They have a good squad, and I just like their team."

And Arkansas?

"Probably the same thing. I like their team."

What are Tennessee's positives?

"My coach told me they are a top notch school."

So far, which colleges have caught Brown's attention the most?

"LSU, Auburn, Arkansas, and Tennessee."

Which coaches has James developed the tightest relationship with?

"Coaches Orgeron (Ole Miss) and Henson (LSU)."

Stay tuned for the Scout.com All-American combine that is being held in New Orleans on April 21st to learn more about James Brown.

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