Andrew Clark exclusive interview

Andrew Clark was released from the Ole Miss baseball team on Monday. The Ole Miss Spirit caught up with Andrew later that day for comments on his time at Ole Miss and what is next for the talented freshman.

CP: I guess the obvious, what led to this decision, as it seems to have come pretty quickly?

AC: I loved playing ball here and the atmosphere, but I had a lot of problems with the academic side. It wasn't the grades though. I have 3 As and a C. It was mostly the distance from home that made me struggle with the school part because it just affected me off the field.

CP: There was an excitement during your visits and obviously leading up to your commitment. Was Ole Miss different than you expected and/or did distance from home play a role?

AC: Ole Miss was everything I expected it to be with the baseball side of it, but I made a mistake when I didn't take the school part into consideration when I was choosing to come here.

CP: How do you evaluate your year up until this past week?

AC: I thought it was okay. I would have liked to hit a lot better and I think I would have eventually come a long way. We were only halfway through the season so there was much more room for improvement, and I was working hard. I had been hitting every night off the tee and just doing some things to improve as a player.

CP: I would assume that you were pretty close with Coach Dan McDonnell. Does his absence leave a void that maybe you weren't expecting?

AC: Yeah that is part of it, but I understand that changes do happen and you can't really do anything about it except do what is best with what you have and that is what I was doing with baseball. But like I said, I really just feel like I would be more successful in the classroom and on the field if I were closer to home.

CP: Even with it early, what are your plans from here as far as transferring? Any frontrunners for that? What will you look for in a school?

AC: Yeah, I am going to transfer. I am going to keep my options open for now and see what happens, but I have some options that I am pretty happy about.

CP: Many recruits are highly touted, but you had numerous comparisons to Stephen Head. Possibly unneeded for pressure?

AC: No, no pressure. I never thought about those comparisons so there wasn't any pressure. I enjoyed playing ball here, but I just think it's in my best interest to make a change. I have the utmost respect for Coach Bianco and his program, and I wish them well.

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