Ole Miss stays on Andre Wadley's wish list

Andre Wadley (DE, Hernando, MS) - Scout.com's #39 rated prospect from the South has been busy in the weight room.

"I just stay in there so I can keep getting stronger," added the always soft spoken Andre Wadley. "I am trying to get better, like always. Ole Miss and MSU are suppose to come see me practice during the second week. Practice starts May 3rd. That is about it. My mind is on nothing but football and grades right now."

Wadley's strength numbers have improved since the end of the season.

"I placed 2nd in Regionals (in powerlifting). The guy beat me out because he weighed one pound (267) less than me. We did the same amount of weight, but he weighed less. I scored a 1340. I benched 340, deadlifted 500 and squatted 500."

Ole Miss was the first school to offer Wadley and MSU and Auburn followed shortly thereafter.

"Those are still the three main ones. Nobody else is really on me, except for Memphis. I guess they have not heard of me yet (laugh)."

College coaches began calling their prospects on Sunday, and Andre heard from all three schools.

"Well, Auburn tried to call me, but my coach gave them the wrong number. He thought I had a 901 area code and it is 662. Coach Freeze called me on Sunday, and he passed the phone over to Coach Orgeron. They were telling me how much they needed me, you know, the same recruiting stuff. MSU said the same things."

Wadley had a chance to take in MSU's Jr Day.

"That is the only visit I have been on this Spring. My brother wanted to to go, so I did."

How did the visit go?

"It was straight, not bad, pretty good. I got a chance to talk to Coach Croom. He just told me the same thing he tells all of his recruits. It has been a while, so I do not remember what all he said, but the message was that he needed me."

It should come as no surprise that Wadley's three offers are the three schools on his mind.

"Those are the main three."

What stands out about Auburn

"They have a winning team. MSU and Ole Miss have not shown that to me, and I want to win. I just want to win. I want Ole Miss and MSU to show me they can win too."

What are Ole Miss' positives?

"It is the closest school from home. They are a pretty good school. They keep in contact all of the time. I will just go where I want to go."

And MSU?

"It is pretty close to home too. Both Mississippi schools are close. MSU stays in contact too. Really, Ole Miss and MSU keep in contact with me all of the time. They are probably recruiting me the hardest."

Decision time is a long ways off for Wadley.

"I am just worrying about next year and getting my grades up. It will probably be a signing day decision for me."

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