Hoping to make impact at Scout.com combine

Cameron Wagner (OL/DL, South Panola, MS) - It is well documented that Cameron has had a hard time getting the recognition he deserves from the college recruiters because of his lack of height (5' 11") for an offensive lineman, but hopefully that will change this Saturday

"I am ready to get down to New Orleans," stated Cameron Wagner when asked about the Scout.com All-American combine. "I am just ready to compete against the best and show the folks that I am athletic and strong too."

Production has never been a problem for Wagner as he has been a three year starter for perhaps the nation's top high school program. He has also made the Clarion Ledger's All-State team the past two years, which is very rare.

And speaking of strength, nobody has ever questioned his strength on his 315 pound frame.

"I came in 2nd in District. I had a 325 pound bench, 585 pound squat, and I deadlifted 425 pounds."

Which colleges are showing the most interest?

"I am getting a couple of letters from USM, Auburn, and MSU. That is about it. I am only getting letters, no calls."

Cameron has had the chance to take in a few spring visits.

"I went to Ole Miss' Jr Day and Spring game, and I went to Auburn and MSU's Jr and Spring games."

What stood out about each program?

Auburn - "It is a rich program. When I went there, they had a whole bunch of recruits there. I mean, everywhere. Man, all they had to do was pick 25 out of that crowd, and they already had their class."

- "It was a little smaller, as far as the number of recruits there. My mom liked them though because Croom talked about education and how he treats his players like men and like they are his own son."

Ole Miss - "My mom did not get to see Ole Miss, but I like Ole Miss because of the energy their staff brings to the table. They are always just so pumped about you being there. They are just different, a good different. They also stressed academics like MSU did."

Two more colleges will receive unofficial visits in the near future.

"I am going to Bowling Green because my dad was the starting fullback for them and won a conference championship there. My mom wants me to check it out. And Ohio State, I grew up liking Michigan, but one of my cousins knows one of their players there. It should be nice."

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