New Orleans combines news and notes

The Louisiana combine had many of the top players from the Magnolia state in attendance, and as the Mississippi Scout, I decided to give you a run down on my personal observations from the Mississippi players.

Top 5 Mississippian's who stock went up

DeAndre Brown

DeAndre Brown (WR, Ocean Springs, MS) - He reported to us that he measured in at 6' 6", 220. On the hoof, he looks like a young Calvin Johnson. DeAndre is as put together as most "pro" athletes are and he is only 18 years old. But what impressed us just as much as his body were his skills.

All of the scouts waited with anticipation to see what Mr. Brown was going to run the 40 in. When he lined up, a crowd gathered at the finish line. Brown took off and it reminded me of watching Jerry Rice. Very long strides that enables him to gain a lot of ground in a short amount of time. The first run he turned in a 4.53 forty. The second run, he ran a 4.52 forty.

All questions were answered if he was a tall "possession" receiver or a guy that could go 80 any time he touched the ball. During the one on one drills, Brown showed great body control and ball skills.

Brown was simply put, the top overall prospect at the combine.

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson (DL, Canton, MS) - I did not get a chance to see him get measured, but he looks to be in the 6' 3", 280 range. Like Brown, Joshua is put together like a 25 year old athlete, not an 18.

And like DeAndre, the kid can simply motor for his size as he ran a 5.12 forty. During the 1 on 1 drills against the offensive tackles, Jackson consistently beat his man to get to the dummy.

Joshua has great quickness off of the ball and shows solid pass rushing techniques. Jackson was the top defensive linemen at the combine along with Mansfield (LA) product, Chris Davenport.

Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson (LB/FB, Clarksdale, MS) - Tim is built like a rock and looked to be in the 6' 1", 220 range. Although most project him at fullback on the next level, Tim participated in the linebacker drills.

The first player that was mentioned by our linebacker instructor was Tim Jackson. As it was told to me, "That boy from Clarksdale is the complete package. He has speed, toughness, moves well in open spaces, and he anticipates where the ball is going before it gets there.

Tim is receiving a lot of D1 interest, but look for the interest to turn into scholarships in the near future.

Alonzo Lawrence

Alonzo Lawrence (CB, George County, MS) - Alonzo has size (looked to be in the 6' 0", 180 range) and more importantly, blazing speed. Lawrence ran the third fastest forty time (4.41) and then followed that up with a 4.49 forty.

Co-Eric's little brother is very talented and participated in the cornerback drills although he goes both ways (WR/CB) for his current high school. Alonzo's only problem was that he was thinking too much, but that is a good thing at this stage of the game. The young man cares about the game, and he will definitely be one to watch next season.

Charles Mitchell

Charles Mitchell (DB, Clarksdale, MS) - I have had Charles rated in the Top 10 in Mississippi since I came out with my rankings in January for the rising seniors. Charles did nothing to disappoint as he ran a 4.56 forty, an eye popping 4.03 pro-shuttle (2nd best at camp), which shows his quickness, and a 33 inch vertical.

What I like about Mitchell is that he loves to compete. Like DeAndre Brown, he really had nothing to gain by going to the combine and everything to lose, but that did not matter to Charles. He just wanted to compete.

Some still believe Mitchell is best suited for cornerback, but personally I could see him line up at safety. Either way, he is a high D1 prospect.

Bobby Felder

Bobby Felder (CB, McComb, MS) - I did not know much about Bobby except that he led Class 4A in interceptions last season with 9. Other than that, it was all based on reputation.

There was probably no one at the camp that I did not know much about that caught my eye more than this young man. Bobby ran a 4.56 forty and a very respectable pro shuttle time (4.4), which times their quickness.

But what I loved about Felder was his toughness. He was the most physical corner at the camp. The wide receivers simply could not get off due to Bobby's jamming skills.

Felder was another kid who just loved to compete and would always jump to the front of the line during the one on one drills.

College recruiters take notice. You might want to head to I55 to see this young man play.

Special Note

We will have a series of reports and photo galleries on the Mississippi and Louisiana players that attended the combine in the coming days.

We also conducted nine video interviews with some of the top prospects at the combine. These interviews will be coming to you in the near future.

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