Magonia lineman talks about 2nd SEC offer

Michael Lacy (OT, Gulport, MS) - One of Mississippi's top prospects received some good news on Monday.

"Ole Miss faxed me a scholarship paper on Monday morning," added an excited Michael Lacy. "Coach Orgeron came to my practice on Monday and scouted me. He met with my coach, and then he called me to let me know about my new offer. He was telling me how much he wanted me to be a Rebel."

What did Lacy say back?

"I told him I needed some more time to weigh my options. I mean, Ole Miss is my top school. Well, them and Auburn. It is kind of even. I am just weighing my options right now."

Auburn and the Rebels have offered; who could be next in line?

"Alabama came to my school today. He took my number, and told me that it looked real good. You just never know. But I would have to say Alabama."

Anybody else actively recruiting the 2006 All-State lineman?

"FSU texts a lot, and they told me they are going to give me a hard look. Auburn texts some too. Those are the main colleges and Marshall."

Like many residents from the Coast area, they had to leave after the hurricane.

"I moved in with my father in Enterprise (AL) for the first five weeks of my sophomore season, but I transferred back after that. I was born and raised in Mississippi. I just wanted to get back home."

What stands out about Ole Miss right now?

"I am a Mississippi boy. I grew up liking Ole Miss. I do not know. They have a real close family up there. I got a chance to see them up close at Jr Day. Coach Orgeron is real into it. I thought it would be neat to play for a head coach like him. I just think I would like to go to school there. But I have not made up my mind."

The 6' 6", 320 pound offensive tackle is also fond of Auburn.

"They just have a top notch football program. I do not know how to describe it. They are just top notch, and I like their coaches and campus too."

Who else stands out for Lacy?

"Alabama, FSU, LSU, and MSU. Those are my choices."

Which college is coming after Michael the hardest?

"I think Auburn is coming after me the hardest, but Ole Miss is texting me every day too. But if I had to pick one, I would say Auburn is coming after me harder."

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