Mizzou safety stays solid with OM commitment

Rashad Fields (S, Caruthersville, MO) - The 6-2, 200 pound safety had a chance to visit the college he committed to last month.

What was the occasion?

"I went to their Spring game. I took my little brother with me. He can not wait for me to get there so he can start coming down there to see me," added Rashad Fields.

What was Field's first impression of Oxford and Ole Miss?

"I loved it. I thought it might be a real big city. I thought I would get lost and stuff, but I already know my way around town. It is real quiet and peaceful in Oxford, just what I am looking for."

What impressed Rashad the most about Ole Miss that maybe he did not know from before?

"I would have to say their facilities, especially their football facilities. I did not know they had facilities like that."

What did the coaches have to say to Fields?

"They did not say anything specific. They just showed me around and made me feel welcomed, like I am already a part of their family. I do not know. I just loved the atmosphere there. The coaches are real pumped up and our coaches at home are the same way. It will be an easy adjustment. I also liked their team meetings. They are very organized, very organized. Ask my grandmother about how organized I am. I keep our house clean and make sure everything is right in place."

Did this trip leave Fields feeling good about his commitment to Ole Miss?

"Basically, I am solid with Ole Miss. I know where I am going. I do not know how to put in any other way than that."

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