OM commit feeling the heat from Tennessee

Gavin Hardin (LB, Jackson, TN) - Arguable Tennessee's top '08 prospect committed to the Rebels in January.

Has he had a chance to take in any recent unofficial visits?

"I went to Ole Miss' Spring game with my teammates Jeremy Akins and Dequan Hawkins a couple of weekends ago. My mother could not go with me this time, but she came to Jr Day with me. She likes Ole Miss a lot. She likes their staff and town. If it is a good place for mom, you know it is a good place for me," added the playful Gavin Hardin.

How did the 6' 4", 240 pounder's experience go during Ole Miss' Spring game?

"I liked it. The only thing I did not like was the red team's defense was not too hyped, but it was a good game. It was real exciting. I had fun."

What new did Hardin learn about Ole Miss during his trip?

"I did not know how they practiced. I did not know they were that good on defense either. They play high tempo, real fast. And the staff, they just have so much energy."

What stands out about Ole Miss the most?

"The coaching staff. They are always hyped up. They just have so much energy, every last one of them. Everyone is trying to get the most out of their players. They even gave me some hype when I went down there. I just like their staff. It is like family."

Spring practice ended at Jackson Central Merry and Gavin has started to receive some heat from his home state Vols.

"Well, they offered me a few weeks back. Then they came to practice last week. They told me they had to have me."

Does Gavin still feel solid with his commitment to Ole Miss?

"Yea, I am still solid right now. I am still solid."

Who is coming after Hardin the hardest, Tennessee or Ole Miss?

"Ole Miss is, but Tennessee is coming after me hard to. Ole Miss is still on top of me, but Tennessee is trying to get into the mix."

Is there a possibility the Vols could change Gavin's mind in the future or is he dead set on Ole Miss?

"I can not say either or. Being a student athlete, you have to look around. I am looking for the school that benefits me the most, academically and social wise. And right now, Ole Miss is where I like it the best. I am not even putting football into the equation in this whole thing. I just like what Ole Miss has to offer me, both academically and socially."

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