Rebs in good shape with Kendrick Presley

Kendrick Presley (Ath, Kosciusko, MS) - One of the elite athletes in the state of Mississippi picked up his third official offer from the "Big 3".

"I just wanted to let you know that I received a letter from Southern Mississippi today offering me a full scholarship," added an excited Kendrick Presley.

Where does this put the Eagles?

"They are right up there with Ole Miss and Alabama and MSU too."

Any Spring visits?

"I went to Alabama for a little one day visit, and I went to Ole Miss' Jr Day."

Who came with Presley to Alabama?

"Jon Paul Alford."

What new did he learn about the Tide on the trip?

"I learned about the championships they have won over there. I know they have a new coach up there too."

What did he enjoy the most during his trip?

"I enjoyed touring the campus, just looking around. They showed us the player's dorm and the academic center."

Presley had a chance to meet the Alabama coaches during the trip.

"I talked to their head coach, Nick Saban, for a while. I also spoke to their safeties coach. I forget what his name is though."

What did they tell Presley?

"They wanted to see me at their camp before they offer me a scholarship. On film, they really have not had a chance to see me play safety because I play QB."

Who accompanied Kendrick on his trip to Oxford?

"Jeremy Henderson, Jon Paul Alford, and a couple of my coaches."

What did Kendrick enjoy the most during his trip?

"I enjoyed talking to a couple of the coaches about how they do things up there."

Like what?

"They run an NFL style offense. I went with their offense that day because I am still playing QB. I did not go with the defense to the film room."

Presley had a chance to talk with the Ole Miss coaches.

"Coach Hughes and I have built a pretty close relationship. We are pretty tight, so we just talked a little bit about everything but football. Coach Orgeron came up to me and told me he just got through watching my tape, and I looked good. He said he really wanted me to come up there and play for him."

Who else is keeping in contact with Presley?

"Auburn and MSU are sending me some texts and calling, just to keep in touch."

Which colleges are now at the top of Kendrick's list?

"State and Ole Miss. I would like to go to Alabama also. Those are my top 3 and put USM in there too."

What stands out about MSU?

"I really do not know much about them because I have never visited their campus. I did not make their Jr Day, so I do not know how they do things there."

Why is MSU in Presley's Top 3?

"They are in my Top 3 because they have offered me."

What are Alabama's positives?

"They have a nice program and campus. Everything is nice up there."

What does he like about Ole Miss?

"I like their coaches. They seem like a good group of coaches and they have some nice facilities."

And USM?

"I am kind of seeing a girl down there, so it gives me a chance to see her."

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