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Transfer QB Jevan Snead wasn't expecting to set the world on fire during spring training, but he did expect to get his feet wet in the Rebel offensive system and get some other things accomplished. Mission accomplished. Read about it inside.

When Quarterback Jevan Snead came to Ole Miss as a transfer from Texas in January, he knew he would have to sit out the 2007 season due to NCAA transfer rules.

But that didn't mean he was going to sit idly by watching the clock tick until his eligibility was restored for the 2008 season.

"It's a time for me to learn the offensive system before I have to apply it," said Snead. "Spring training was good for me to learn the basics of the system and to get adjusted to the receivers.

"I definitely didn't learn it all. I still ahve a long way to go. All I have right now is the foundation. I'm still working on that and will continue to. This summer, I will work on getting the system down to be ready for fall, even though I can't play next year.

"After next fall and spring, I should have it all down to be ready to compete for the starting job in 2008."

Jevan said he's able to run the basics of the offense, and he can check and audible some.

"The biggest thing for me to work on is the understanding of the audible system and getting that down," he continued.

Snead was not anticipating playing a whole lot in the Red-Blue Game to end the spring, but he ended up playing a lot, completing 7-12 passes for 56 yards and a TD. He was also sacked twice and had his first aerial picked off.

"I definitely got more snaps than I thought I would. I was surprised because I can't play next fall, but I was excited to get that opportunity," Snead noted. "I was very fired up."

Jevan, who weighs 215 now, said he will spend the offseason trying to get "bigger, faster and stronger."

"My weight has stayed fairly level, but I can always get bigger and faster and stronger, so I will work on that hard for the next year as well," he explained.

Overall, Jevan believes he has made good strides since being on the Ole Miss campus.

"I'm on pace. I picked up a lot in spring and it was good to get my feet wet and get going in the right direction after the transfer," he stated. "And the good thing is I have a huge advantage in having three semesters to learn everything before I get thrown in the fire."

Snead, a Stephenville, TX, product, said his adjustment to Oxford/Ole Miss has also been good.

"Ole Miss is about the size of my hometown, so that is good. I'm finally learning my way around and not getting lost as much as I was before," he closed. "My parents were here for the Red-Blue Game and they really enjoyed it. They did the whole Square thing and had a good time."

Jevan Snead is likely to be the quarterback of the future for Ole Miss.

But for him, with all he's got to learn and get down pat, the future is now.

He's doing his best to take advantage of the here and now.

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