Ole Miss first to offer Bayou defensive back

Jimmie Crawford (DB, Harvey, LA) - The 5' 11 1/2", 182 pound defensive back from West Jefferson received some good news on Tuesday.

"I met with Ole Miss' head coach on Tuesday, and I spoke to Coach Frank (Wilson). They came down to watch me practice, and they said they liked what they saw. They told me I had a scholarship offer, and I got a letter in the mail from them on Wednesday stating I had a full scholarship offer," added Jimmie Crawford.

How did it feel to receive his first scholarship offer?

"I was shocked. They liked my size and speed. They told me if anymore schools offer to remember who offered me first. They also told me about their situation."

And what situation is that?

"They told me if I were to commit, it is not a full guarantee. They said it depends on how my senior season plays out."

Where does this put the Rebels?

"They are my number one school. My number two school is Auburn. LSU is third, and Tennessee is after that. I like Arkansas too. I plan to camp at all of those schools this summer."

What stands out about Ole Miss?

"A lot of great players have come from Ole Miss. It is close to home, and I have known Coach Wilson since he was at O. Perry Walker. They run the same defense that we run. They roll their safeties out and play a lot of cover two. That is what I am familiar with. Maybe, it will be a great fit."

And Auburn?

"Their program puts a lot of defensive players in the NFL, and they are a hard hitting defense. I did not get to find out what kind of defense they ran when I spoke to their coach at one of our practices, but I will find out soon."

What are LSU's positives?

"It is close to home and they had a great season. Landry played there, and their defense likes to swarm. A former teammate of mine plays there, Marlon Eazorige. He loves it there. LSU plays in a lot of national games, and their defense really swarms to the ball. LSU is under consideration because they are real aggressive."

What does Jimmie like about Tennessee?

"Their coach never explained their situation about how they run their defense, but they send a lot of players to the NFL. I do know that. Coach Allen said they do not have many corners with my size. He said they are mostly 5' 9", 5' 10". I think they will most likely be the next school who offers me. We talk a lot."

What is Jimmie being recruited to play, safety or corner?

"Both. I have good footwork and size, and I have good hands. I am a real good defender because of my awareness."

Does Crawford see himself as a corner or safety?

"Right now, I really like safety better because they get a lot of action."

Jimmie had 67 tackles, 5 picks, 5 forced fumbles, and 2 recovered fumbles as a junior.

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