Rebs offer S' East 150 member

Trevor Stigers (DL, Ridgeland, MS) - The 6' 4 1/2", 235 pound defensive end received some big news on Friday.

"Coach Hughes came by my school and told my coach that I had an offer. Then I went into the office, and Ole Miss sent me a fax stating I had a full scholarship offer," added Trevor Stigers.

What did Trevor say to Ole Miss?

"I told them that I appreciated it. The more options you have, the better it is."

Where does this put the Rebels?

"Right now, everyone is equal with me. I am having more options coming to me now, so I do not want to burn any bridges. I also got an offer from Jackson State too."

Trevor talks about what he likes about Ole Miss.

"They are kind of thin on the defensive line. I could take a redshirt, then play a lot my freshman year. By the time I am a sophomore, I would probably earn a starting job. It is a good opportunity for me. But most of the schools who have offered me are kind of in the same boat. They are all a little thin. But Ole Miss is just a good D1 program. I have always liked Ole Miss. They just never really showed me much interest until lately."

Stigers has had MSU and Bama at the top of his list for quite some time now; so is everyone really on equal footing?

"I still love Alabama and Mississippi State, but I have more options now. Before, those were my only two options. I have been on a few visits, but never on an official visit, where you get to see the whole school. I have only seen bits and pieces of schools like Ole Miss, Alabama, and MSU. I want to take my official visits and really get to know the schools first before I set a pecking order. I am trying to slow down my recruiting process. I am going to wait until after I take all of my official visits before I come up with a list of favorites."

Besides the colleges that have offered Trevor (Bama, MSU, OM, USM, JSU) who else is he hearing from?

"Tennessee has been recruiting me. Florida and SMU are recruiting me a little bit, and Auburn sent Coach Dunn to my school last week."

Rumor had Auburn offering; is that true?

"Well, I have heard from some people that they are sending something in the mail right now. I do not want to comment on it until it is official."

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