Rebs in thick of it for 5 Star DL

Raven Gray (DE, Co-Linn CC, MS) - One of the country's top rated '06 high school defensive ends signed with Auburn but failed to qualify and ended up at Co-Linn CC.

"It was tough not being able to go straight to college, but I had no one to blame but myself. But really, it has been a blessing playing for Coach Davis and these group of guys. We have had a lot of fun playing together, and I have learned a lot playing here," added Raven Gray

Gray's freshman season saw him take over right where he left off from Enterprise High school (AL).

"I had 12 sacks on the season. I do not know how many tackles I had, but I made a lot of them."

Raven was named 1st Team All-Mississippi juco for his on the field play, but he feels like he will be an even more complete player this season.

"My biggest strength is coming after the passer. I really know how to beat my man when I come off of the ball. But this Spring, I played the run much better. You come from high school and they just throw you in the fire in juco. You get no time to get your feet wet. Bam, you are just right in there in the ring. I am playing with better technique now, and I think I really held my own in the run game. My biggest goal is to show the people that I am more than just a pass rushing specialist."

The 6' 5", 263 pound end has seen a few colleges scout him during his recent practices.

"Coaches Orgeron and Hughes came over from Ole Miss. They were the first school over here. Then LSU came down, and I talked to their coaches some, and I talked with the Auburn coaches when they came down. MSU came down too, but I did not get a chance to talk to them."

Who is coming after this talented end the hardest?

"I got to say Ole Miss, yep, Ole Miss. I talk to Coaches Orgeron and Hughes a lot on the phone. Yea, I would say Ole Miss is coming after me the hardest."

What stands out about Ole Miss?

"I just like their coaches. Coach Hughes coached one of my teammates at Hinds CC, so I am real familiar with him. I really like Coach Hughes."

So far, which colleges have caught Raven's eye?

"Of course Auburn and Ole Miss. I really like Florida too. I am trying to get some big schools down here. I like Miami too."

Raven signed with Auburn out of high school; where do they stand?

"It is crazy. Auburn, Ole Miss...Auburn, Ole Miss. I go back and forth every day. But right now, I would say Auburn is at the top of my list. I talk to their coaches a lot. He is trying to help me out with my grades a lot. I am getting out in December. Ole Miss, I have not heard from them in a while. Auburn is showing me more interest recently where Ole Miss was before. If Ole Miss does not step it up, it is going to be War Eagle all the way."

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