Walk it out with Ole Miss baseball

Walk-out songs have been of increased interest this year, and head coach Mike Bianco says they provide energy to the team and to the fans. Here is a list of this year's tunes.

No. 1 Zack Cozart- Boom (Nelly)

No. 2 Cody Overbeck- Act a Fool (Lil John & Three Six Mafia)

No. 4 Zach Miller- Chevy Ridin High (Rick Ross)

No. 6 Peyton Farr- Push It (Rick Ross)

No. 7 Cody Satterwhite- Remedy (Seether)

No. 8 Kyle Mills- We Fly High (Jim Jones)

No. 9 Brett Basham- Lean Low (Youngbloodz)

No. 10 Justin Henry- For Love of the Money (O'Jays)

No. 11 C.J. Ketchum- Superhero (Jane's Addiction)

No. 14 Evan Button- Born of a Broken Man (Rage Against the Machine)

No. 17 JoJo Tann- Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix)

No. 18 Cullan Kight- Oh Yeah (Lil Scrappy)

No. 19 Scott Bittle- Tops Drop (Fat Pat)

No. 22 Logan Power- Waters Edge (Seven Mary Three)

No. 25 Justin Cryer- Dragula (Rob Zombie)

No. 26 Wade Broyles- Boss (Rick Ross)

No. 27 Fuller Smith- Explosive (Dr. Dre)

No. 28 Jesse Simpson- Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd)

No. 30 Craig Rodriguez- Still Tippin (Mike Jones)

No. 31 Alex Kliman- Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes)

No. 32 Jordan Henry- Ambitions of a Rider (Tupac)

No. 33 Lance Lynn- King Kong (Jibbs)

No. 34 Brett Bukvich- Bullet and a Target (Citizen Cope)

No. 36 Phillip Irwin- Beast and the Harlot (Avenged Sevenfold)

No. 39 Will Kline- Speed of Sound (Coldplay)

No. 41 Ryan White- Snap Yo Fingers Remix (Lil John)

No. 42 Rory McKean- Ooh Aah (Grits)

No. 43 Nathan Baker- Whiskey in a Jar (Metallica)

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