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John Jerry, Michael Oher, Corey Actis and Maurice Miller had very little experience prior to the 2006 season. Now they do. 2007 should be a much better showing due to that, according to Jerry. Read about it inside.

John Jerry said there were times last year when he didn't know what was up and what was down.

Starting as a true freshman at right guard, between a pair of OL - Center Corey Actis and RT Maurice Miller - who also were short on experience, was sometimes a confusing propostion.

Now, with a year of playing time in the hopper, Jerry is more confident and comfortable.

"My spring was decent. It could have been bettewr, it could have been worse," said Jerry. "I think I could have played a little better, but I was a little overweight at 350-355 and it made a difference in my movement.

"Now I'm at 340 and feel better. I feel like I can move better now."

Even though Jerry did not feel he performed as efficiently as he shoul dhave from a physical standpoint in spring, he felt a lot sharper mentally.

"I understand what I'm supposed to do a lot better now and I could tell that in spring," John stated. "Last year, there were times when I was kind of lost and would just pick out somebody to hit. In spring, I knew who to block.

"It also helped me in spring that Corey knew more and could help me out better in our communication. He makes all the calls and keeps me straight. Last year, he was making the calls, but I didn't understand some of them and he didn't know how to correct me when I was wrong. This spring, both of us were on top of things mentally."

John said the OL made strides in spring to shore up some spotty pass protections.

"We showed good improvement, but we need to make more. It's all a matter of working until you get it right. We'll never be perfect, but our goal is to get closer to that level," he explained. "Sometimes I have a tendency to get too aggressive in pass protection and end up getting beat, but I'm learning. I'll be alright."

Jerry said the most enjoyment he gets as an OL is as a pulling guard.

"I love to pull and take out a defensive end. When you execute a block like that, with some speed and momentum going your way, it can be a real big hit," he grinned.

In the offseason, John's goal is to compete in the weight room every day this summer.

"Coach O (Ed Orgeron) stresses competing every day. We compete in the weight room just like we do in games. That pays off in the long run. That's what I will do this summer," he noted.

At the end of spring, OL Coach Art Kehoe was very complimentary of the left side of the line - Oher and LG Reid Neely, but he said he wanted to see more from the right side - Jerry and Miller.

"Mo and I talked about that and plan on doing something about it. What he said has motivated me and Mo to do better," he stated. "We don't want to be the weak link of the OL."

John doesn't know what he can lift in the weight room.

"I've been able to lift whatever the strength coaches put on the bar so far," he laughed, "but I know I can get stronger.

"I just know I'm stronger now than when I got here and I bench over 400, clean over 300 and squat over 500."

John said he's excited about fall practice and going against big brother DT Peria Jerry when he returns to the practice fields.

"I'm looking forward to going against Peria. That should be interesting. I know if I can hold my own against him I can hold my own against anyone we play," he closed.

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