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Bradley Sowell, a 2007 Ole Miss OL signee, signed as a 366-pounder out of Hernando HS. He knew that wasn't going to work, even on his 6-8 1/2 frame. He did something about it - something that left him fired up to embark on his college grid career. Read about it inside.

It's not new news that Hernando OL Bradley Sowell, a 2007 Ole Miss signee, lost from 366 pounds to 315 pounds since he inked with the Rebels in February.

But what is somewhat "new" is how the weight loss not only changed his body for the better, it changed his outlook as well.

"I can't tell you how excited I am to get to Ole Miss. It's all I think about," said Sowell, who, at 6-8 1/2 315 pounds, now considers himself "ripped."

"I have so much energy now. I didn't have that before when I got so big. I can move better, I can control my weight, I have discipline with my diet and I'm stronger."

Sowell's remakable transformation was motivated by a couple of things.

"Some people have doubted me. Some people do not believe in me. I'm determined to show them who the best OL coming out of Mississippi in 2007 was and is," he declared. "I knew to do that I had to change and get ready for college football.

"I got on a really good diet that worked for me perfectly. I ate a lot of turkey and tuna and did a lot of cardio work. The pounds just started melting away and I felt better every day. I'm lean now. I'm stronger now and I move much better."

The results of his training paid off in baseball for Hernando this spring.

"I was the designated hitter and I pitched some," he noted. "I hit about .350 with four HRs and 33 RBI in 31 games. I felt more like an athlete than just a big guy."

Sowell, who will head to Ole Miss Thursday, May 24, said he is "psyched" about his football future.

"Before I lost all the weight and got in better shape, my immediate expectations weren't real high. I figured I'd go to Ole Miss and work myself into shape and it would take me a year or two to make an impact," Bradley noted. "Now, I feel like I will hit the ground competing. I feel like I will find a way to be in the mix. I will give it all I've got and not back down from anything.

"If I need a redshirt, that won't kille me. I know it will be because I need to work on my techniques, not because I'm overweight and can't move or endure practices. I can promise everyone this - I won't be the worst player on the OL. That's not going to happen."

Bradley said August can not get here soon enough.

"All I think about is putting on the pads for the first time and showing my coaches what I've got to offer," he closed.

It will be here before he blinks twice, and Bradley Sowell will be ready for whatever August brings - minus 50 pounds that was hindering his progress.

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