Lawon Scott update -

St. Petersburg lineman Lawon Scott will report to Ole Miss late Saturday, the 26th of May. He won't be carrying the baggage he's had before. Read about it inside.

Lineman Lawon Scott, out of St. Petersburg, FL, will be headed to Oxford this weekend and his car won't be carrying as much weight as previously believed.

The 6-1 Scott, who will be given a shot on the defensive line when August practice begins, has lost from 326 pounds down to a "svelte" 305 in anticipation of starting his college football career.

"I'm not tall enough to carry 326 pounds," Lawon said. "I went on a diet and ran a lot since I signed with Ole Miss and it's paid dividends.

"I lost 21 pounds, I'm leaner and I'm faster. I am also a lot stronger. I have been following the workout book Ole Miss sent me. I've been lifting and running agility drills and I can feel a real difference."

Why did he do all this prior to reporting to Ole Miss?

"If at all possible, I don't want to waste time getting my body right to put myself in a position to play. I want to play as soon as possible and not redshirt. I will be ready to state my case in August," Scott continued.

Lawon feels he has an advantage on the DL.

"It's all about leverage and movement and technique. I'm 6-1, which means I can get under the pads of taller OL. I have quick hands and feet too," said Scott. "I feel good about my chances to help the team quickly."

Lawon realizes there is more work to do.

"I have to keep working on my strength and I know I will have to adjust to the speed of the college game. Once I get all that down, I think I will be ready to contribute to the team in a real way," he closed.

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