Rebels eye Bayou DT

Khalid Wilson (DT, Monroe, LA) - The Monroe surrounding area has produced a plethora of football prospects in the past and this upcoming recruiting class looks to be no different.

One of the standouts from this area preps at Carroll High and led the Bulldogs in tackles last season with 83 and applied 10 QB hurries in the process. Not bad stats when taking into account that this prospect stands at 6' 2", 295 and plays on the defensive line.

"I think my quickness off of the ball is my biggest attribute. I am real quick off of the ball. That is why I beat a lot of people," commented Khalid Wilson.

Wilson believes he will be one of the country's best if he does one thing.

"A lot of times, I just try to stay low. If I come off the ball low every time, nobody in the country can block me."

Who are the main colleges involved in Khalid's recruiting process?

"LSU and Mississippi State. They are real interested but they have not offered. LSU, MSU Ole Miss, Colorado, and that is about it. And Air Force and Southern Mississippi too."

What stands out about LSU?

"First of all, academics is number one, but they really produce a lot of defensive linemen to the NFL."

And MSU?

"I met their head coach on Jr Day. He was real down to earth. They have a good campus and the new facilities they are building are pretty nice."

What are Ole Miss' positives?

"A lot of their players I played with like Alex Washington, and I am from O. Perry Walker. I played with Kendrick Lewis, Michael Wallace, and Frank Wilson is my cousin. That is another place I would like to go to. Frank is a family man, and I like Coach Orgeron and their defensive line coach too. They are real down to earth. Plus, if I go there, I think I can get some early playing time. It is a good school to go to."

What about Colorado?

"I have never been out there, but their team is starting back up. I could see myself playing early there."

Is early playing time the most important factor when it comes decision time?

"No, the coaches are. If you do not like your coaches, it will be a long four years. But making good grades and playing early are real important too."

Which staff has Wilson developed the tightest bond with?

"I say the MSU coaches, Coach Croom. He is just real down to earth."

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