Rebels eye juco linebacker

Keon Williams (LB, Pearl River CC, FL) - Quick trivia. Who is the top juco program in not only the state of Mississippi but arguably in the country?

That's easy, those Wildcats from Pearl River CC.

Next. Which player has been branded as the top juco linebacker in Mississippi?

That would be one of the Wildcat's top defensive playmakers, Keon Williams.

A little history lesson for your recruitknicks. Keon finished second in the country in solo tackles as a freshman with 118. He also tallied 12 sacks and picked off two passes.

Williams was named to the NJCAA All-American squad as only a freshman and will be on many preseason list as the top defensive player expected to return for the '07 season.

"I committed to Illinois out of high school," added Keon Williams. "It was Coach Zook's first year, and he really energized my game. I play with a lot of emotion. If you do not have that fire, you will always be second fiddle."

Where does the Miami native stand with his recruitment?

"I am talking to Miami a lot. Ole Miss has offered me. Central Florida has offered,. and I am talking to several others, but mainly Miami, Ole Miss, and Florida State, and Central Florida. Those are the main schools right now."

What stands out about the Hurricanes?

"The fact that it is a new program means that all the jobs will be open. Anybody can come in and start. There will be no favorites. Coach Shannon recruited me out of high school too. I am familiar with a lot of their players. I played with half of their team. Hopefully he can get them back into Top 25 status. If they are in the Top 15 at the end of the season, I will be leaning towards them."

And if Miami does not achieve those goals; who would Keon look at next?

"Probably Ole Miss. They have a great program, but like Miami, they have been struggling the last couple of seasons. They have real nice facilities. I took a tour of them the other week. I had a chance to talk to their head coach, and he is the type of coach I would like to play for. Like me, he is real emotional. Their coaches are just different at Ole Miss. They act real hyped up all of the time. I am not looking to go to a losing program, but hopefully they can come around this season. We will see. I know they graduated the best LB (Patrick Willis) in the country last year, and they are looking for me to fill his spot. That is intriguing."

And FSU?

"They are known for producing great LB's. I would not mind being a part of that. LB is a big part of their defense. They have a great coach who has been around a long/long time. He just does a great job over there. FSU is a great program."

What are Central Florida's positives?

"The fact they are coming off an alright year shows me they can be successful. I know some of their players, and they have all said nothing but compliments about Central Florida. They all love it over there. They are my kind of people, so I know I would fit in."

When decision time rolls around; what will be the main factors?

"I want to be a Chiropractic, so their medical program will be the biggest thing. A lot of people might say, yea right, this juco guy wants to be a doctor, but I am being for real. I goofed off in high school. I am very intelligent. I am graduating in December with almost a 4.0 average. I was just immature in high school. I have grown up a lot. I see my people in the streets in Miami and it makes me sad. I want to be something when I grow up. Football is just a means to pay for my education. I want to be one of the best doctors around. But as far as football is concerned, I want early playing time, and I want an opportunity to meet new people from all over the country."

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