Knee Injury puts Devin Jones on hold

Devin Jones (DE, Southaven, MS) - DeSoto Central's star defensive end was unable to participate in Spring drills due to an injury.

"I tore my ACL, so I am going to get it fixed," stated Devin Jones.

When did the injury occur?

"Spring practice, I was running, and I think I just tore it on a freak accident. I was just running, no cutting, no nothing. It just tore. It feels fine though, but they think it is torn. I am going to go through rehab in a week. All I have to do is get my quad strength back, and when I get back to 85%, they will release me to play. I think I will be able to play next season, but nobody knows for sure right now. Other than that, not much has been going on. Oh yea, Mississippi State said they were sticking with me."

Could Jones be getting near a commitment to the Dogs?

"I think I am about to, but you never know. I will probably just take all of my official visits first. I really have not had a chance to see many schools. But MSU is my number one school, without a doubt."

Who else is in the running?

"Ole Miss is still in, I guess. Miami is still coming to look at me. Alabama came by the school. They said they did not care (about my injury). I am still 16 years old and can recover. LSU was in the same day, but I was on a field trip. I really wish I would have been at school when Bama and LSU came by. I was disappointed that I was not there. I have read a lot about ACL tears lately, and they said it was a 6-9 month rehab, but athletes usually came back in 2 to 3 months. I am going to do my best to get back in shape for my senior season."

What has MSU out in front of the pack?

"I think it is due to the fact that they stuck with me through it all. They said the minimum for an ACL tear is 6 to 9 months, but I could take a redshirt at worst and have a good 4 years in me. I do not know. I think it is just a slight tear, but they say it is a complete tear. But one of the doctors told me he could still feel my ACL. I am just hoping for the best."

What are the other colleges saying about Jones' injury?

"Ole Miss is still texting me, and they want me to come down to their camp even if I can not participate. Alabama said they not care if I got injured because I am only 16 years old. LSU really has not said anything about it, one way or the other."

MSU has a couple more positives going for them.

"I just think I might have a chance to start really soon there. My coach went to school at MSU, so he is always telling me good things about State."

And what are OM's positives?

"I like their coaches. They are pretty cool, especially coaches Freeze and Orgeron. At MSU, I like Coaches Smith and Croom."

Who else would Devin like to recruit him harder?

"LSU and Alabama, really. They came to look at my transcript. I am not sure what my GPA is right now, but I think it is around a 2.8 or 2.9. I made a 14 on the ACT, but I am going to retake it in June."

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