Skilled Camp at Ole Miss

Coach Orgeron announced that this was his most talented camp he has had at Ole Miss during his tenure. Over 300 players were in attendance. To find out who stood out, read below.

We will break down position by position in our updates over the next week or so .

Here are a few players that stood out at each position today.

*indicates the player told us he has been offered by Ole Miss

James Landry (Assumption, LA
Jason McNair
Cameron Lawrence (Jr)
Alex Williams (Menard, LA)

*Ryan Wallace
Branden Wilson (Jr/Dutchtown, LA)
*Jamal Mosley (Memphis, told me he is about to commit to Ole Miss)
Alfred Jarvis (Assumption, LA)
Arcenio Keys (Fayette Ware, TN)

*Brandon Bolden (Scotlandville, LA) (super stud)
*Luther Ambrose (LA) (won fastest man award at camp)
Julius McNair

*Wes Kemp (St. Louis)
Horation Williams
Robert Freeman (Summerville, TN)
Thomas Jackson (Dutchtown, LA) (plays on a run dominated offense so numbers are low but he is a stud)
Allen Muse

*Trevor Stigers
*Brandon Kirksey (Missouri)
*Justin Smith (chattoohochie, GA)
Robert Pritchard (N. Gwinnette, GA)

Players that attended the DL camp on Friday that stood out

Toby Jackson (Griffin, GA)
Willie Packer (Moss Point)
Josh Jackson (Canton)
Ricky Holloway (Somerville, TN)
Garron Taylor (Pascagoula)
Mikeal McAdoo (Antioch, TN)
Kendall Dangerfield (Paluski, TN) (biggest sleeper at the camp, super stud)
Jeremy Johnson (Whitehaven, TN)
Arcenio Key (Fairfield, TN)
Rashad McMullen (Griffin, GA


*Josh Chestang (stud)
*Herman Lathers (LA)
*Ricky Holloway
LaQuinton Caston (LA)
Tenarius Wright (Whitehaven)
Kentrell Butler (Patterson)

Gene Robertson (Jr/Memphis)
*Robert Steeples (offered yesterday)
*Rashad Fields (commit)

Rico King (Whitehaven, TN)
*Charles Mitchell
Samuel Randell (Wingfield, MS)

Special Note

**We will compile our photo gallery and release the names with the pictures in the near future.

**We will also compile the complete list of prospects that attended the camp in the near future.

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