3 Day Camp notes

The Specialty Camp that started on Sunday and runs through Tuesday brought in another couple hundred more prospects to the Ole Miss campus. It is attended by Ages 13 – Fall 2007 Seniors.

The Specialty Camp that started on Sunday and runs through Tuesday brought in another couple hundred more prospects to the Ole Miss campus.

It is attended by Ages 13 – Fall 2007 Seniors.

Listed below are a few players from the camp that stood out:

Kermit Tyler

Kermit Tyler (OL, Marrero, LA) - The 6' 4", 325 pound Ole Miss commit out of L.W. Higgens was running around the field during the 7 on 7 games like he was a TE, not an OG.

The games are played by mostly skilled players but Kermit and his younger brother decided they were "skilled" enough to run around with the skinnier boys.

Evaluators always say they like to see their big men on the basketball court to get a glimpse of how athletic the kid really is, but I think seeing them play in the 7 on 7 games is also a good way to really see their athleticism. It is hard to hide your "athletic" weaknesses when a 300 pounder is running around with the receivers, quarterbacks, defensive backs and linebackers.

On one of the plays, they swung the play out to the running back and Kermit caught the back when he tried to out run Tyler to the corner. This play showed me that Kermit can change directions and has good burst of speed which will allow him to block down the field.

Ashlee Tyler

Ashlee Tyler (DL, Marerro, LA) - If you want to draw up what your DE's should look like, body wise, you need to look no further than Kermit's little brother, Ashlee.

He is around 6' 6", 260. But guess what, he is only a rising sophomore.

Ashlee has great footwork and was very aggressive during the games. It would not surprise me one bit to see Ashlee's name on many want list for the Class of '10.

Hopefully for Ole Miss, having Tyler on campus will be just what the doctor ordered for Ashlee's recruitment.

Barrett Jones

Barrett Jones (OT, Cordova, TN) - The Evangelical Christian product has been offered by the likes of LSU, Louisville, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, North Carolina and Miami.

After today's performance, now we see why.

Jones has a very quick first step and great flexibility in his hips. He has the height and frame to add good weight as he gets older. Right now, he looks to be in the 6' 5", 270 range.

It will interesting to see what Jones has to say about why he attended the Ole Miss camp, as he has not been listing the Rebels in recent interviews. But as the old saying goes, actions speaks louder than words.

Chase Clement

Chase Clement (TE, Thibodaux, LA) - Chase is one of the more sought after TE's in the country.

Right now, he has scholarship offers from just about everyone in the free country and his schools of choice include Oklahoma, Florida, Nebraska, Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansas, and Alabama. Needless to say, all have offered.

The 6' 5", 240 two way player had an impact at DE last season with 79 tackles, but most still project him on the offensive side of the ball where he caught 12 passes for 182 yards and 2 TD's.

Chase has consistently put the Rebels as one of his favorites, and by him showing up for the camp, it looks like he is going to give Ole Miss a hard look.

Ole Miss had a really good showing from the state of Louisiana for their camps this week. We believe the Rebels hosted probably more than half of the Bayou's top prospects. This pay huge dividends for the '08 class./

Jay Hughes

Jay Hughes (Ath, Oxford, MS) - There have been some whispers that the freshman could be the best out of the Hughes' clan.

Jay is still small in stature, looked to be in the 5' 9, 160 range, but the kid is quick as a cat and can run with the wind.

The youngest Hughes is very athletic and it will be interesting to see how his career develops with the Chargers.









Camp Tidbits

This camp is not nearly as big of a "prospect" camp as the Senior Camp and the Passing Camp.

You see a lot of younger players attend the 3 Day Specialty camp.

Each day there will be a couple of your rising senior offers work show up for the day, work out, and then go home instead of working out for all three days as most of the other campers do.

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