Bastrop due wins DL MVP at OM's 3 Day camp

Michael Harris (DE, Bastrop, LA) - It is always tough for any player to sit and wait their turn, much less until your senior season, but that is exactly what this talented defensive end had to do.

Michael Harris

"This is the first time for Michael to get a taste as we had Kentravis Aubrey, Lamarcus Williams, and Dedrick Jones playing ahead of him the last two seasons," added Bastrop coach, DeCarolos Holmes. "But make no mistake, Michael is going to be in the same class as those players.


"He is one of the better pass rushers in our league because he has such a great first step. He uses his hands real well, and his can already touch below his knees with his hands. He has real long arms, real long."

Coach Holmes took Michael Harris and his all-state lineman, Joshua Downs, to the Ole Miss 3 Day camp.

"I think it was really benificial for both of them. Ole Miss has great coaches on both sides of the ball. Both of my players learned a lot during those three days. Now they are going to take it to their teammates. It is only going to make them better."

Where does the Bastrop coach plan to take his kids next?

"I think we are going to Alabama next week. Those are the tentative plans."

Joshua Downs

Coach Holmes is also very high on his 2007 All-State offensive lineman, Joshua Downs.

"He is a kid that measured in at 6' 1", 278 at the (Ole Miss) camp. Joshua won DL MVP for the underclassmen at the Ole Miss camp, and Michael won DL MVP for the upperclassmen. But Joshua made All-State for us at offensive tackle as a sophomore. He will only be a junior for us next year. Any time a kid makes All-State as a sophomore on our team, that pretty much speaks for itself. Joshua is moving over to defensive tackle this season. We want to fill Lamarcus Williams' spot with Joshua. He is just an extremely strong kid, and his first step is phenomenal. Coach Neilsen at Ole Miss could not believe how quick his first step was. He is just so quick, and he uses his hands well. Joshua also has great flexability in his hips. He flips his hips as good as any linemen I have been around. He will be more of the more highly recruited kids in our state next year."

Which colleges are recruiting Michael Harris?

"Mississippi State is on him pretty good. Ole Miss is too and Southern Mississippi. It is strange that the Mississippi schools are on them before anyone else, but those three schools have done a great job of keeping up with what is going on around these neck of the woods. They recruit this area real hard. Alabama is also showing Michael a lot of interest."

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