Kline, Cozart drafted on day one

Will Kline was drafted Thursday by the Devil Rays as the 65th pick overall, while Zack Cozart was the 79th pick to the Reds. Both were second-round selections.

Kline and Cozart said they learned they were drafted from their girlfriends.

"I was packing (to go to Arizona), because the first round went to like 5 o'clock," said Rebel third-year junior shortstop Cozart. "She started screaming that I'd gone 79th. Right after that my advisor called me and said we'd gotten it done. It's a fun time."

"My girlfriend has been talking to me more than usual today, and she's actually been more interested in me today than she ever has been," Kline, a fourth-year junior pitcher, quipped. "She's really helped me through it. We'd watched a little bit of it on TV and kept up with it some on the computer. We were watching a movie and got a call that the Devil Rays were going to take me at 65, so that was cool."

Ironically Cincinnati, who picked Cozart, was also interested in Kline.

"The Devil Rays were interested in me from the get-go," Kline said. "Cincinnati was too. It's cool that they also drafted (David) Price (from Vanderbilt)."

Price, the Vandy ace, was the No. 1 pick in the draft Thursday.

Kline was pleasantly surprised at his selection.

"I didn't know I'd go that high," he said. "It's an honor to be drafted the 65th player this year. Such an honor; such a thrill. Sixty-five is obviously higher than I ever dreamed. It's really neat right now."

Kline is pleased to have it all behind him now.

"I'm so glad it's over," he said. "It's one of those things I've waited on my whole life. But it's also one of those things it's all built up to be. It's nerve-wracking. I'm glad it's over with. It's an honor."

Cozart shared all the sentiments of his teammate.

"It's exciting," Cozart said. "I was nervous all day. I wasn't expecting to go in the first round, and (the first round) lasted like three hours. So I still watched it, and it was ridiculous it was so long."

But when he heard from his girlfriend that he'd been selected, he was excited.

"Right now I'm an Ole Miss Rebel at heart but when it comes to pro ball, I'm a Cincinnati Red," he said. "So it's very exciting."

Cozart went about where he'd heard he would.

"Most teams had me going in the supplemental round or second round," Cozart said. "I ended up being in the second round. I'm glad it's behind me, and I'm ready to get to Arizona and play more baseball with this team."

Cozart said Cincinnati was not a surprise to him.

"The Reds guy was at the regional here," he said. "I saw him and he said 'I might be calling you in a couple of days.' It's kinda cool it actually turned out that way."

Both Rebels said they are glad to move on from here.

"We've got a three-game series with Arizona State, and we're heading out there right now," Kline said. "We want to play well, win two, and move on."

"It's a huge relief," Cozart said. "Now I'm focusing on Omaha. When we win the national championship, then I'll focus on the Reds."

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