Jones impressive at Ole Miss camp

DeAndre Jones (LB, Memphis, TN) - One of the Bluff City's top prospects attended the Ole Miss Passing Camp on Saturday and Georgia Tech on June 3rd and could head to one more in the immediate future.

"I am not sure if I am going to Tennessee's or not, but I am leaning towards going," added DeAndre Jones

Jones was holding scholarship offers from Stanford and Ole Miss when an additional offer came in recently.

"I got one from Indiana last week."

When did Indiana come into the picture?

"They have been sending me a whole lot of mail lately. They came to my school and spoke to me. They said they liked my film, so they offered me."

Which school could be next in line to offer the 6' 0", 215 pound safety/linebacker out of MUS?

"I really could not tell you. Indiana came out of the blue, so I really do not know. I think Michigan State, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, and Mississippi State are all very interested in me, so if I had to take a stab, it would be one of those schools."

One additional SEC school has also increased their attention from the '06 All-State performer.

"I am getting a lot of stuff from Kentucky now. I talk to to them at least once a week. I talk to all of those other schools I listed to you at least once a week too. It really is no different with one school from the other. They just want to know if I am still interested, and I tell them that I am."

Which colleges are at the top of Jones' list now?

"Stanford, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Indiana, and then I would probably say Vandy and Michigan State."

What stands out about each school?

Stanford - "Their academics, plain and simple. That is my number one thing with them. They have the number two Mechanical Engineering program in the country, which is the field I want to major in."

Georgia Tech
- "I have a couple of family members at Georgia Tech. The also have a good Engineering program. It has that feel of a small college but it is in the heart of Atlanta, so if I want to kick it, I can plus I love the city of Atlanta."

Kentucky - "They are a program on the rise. They are going to be really good in the future, and I would like to be a part of that."

Ole Miss - "Again, it's SEC football. Coach Orgeron is really positive for the future of Ole Miss football and what is going to happen in the next couple of years. They have a real good young team, and of course they were the first school to offer me. I have a lot of respect for that. They recognized my skills before anyone else."

Indiana - "They are one of those schools that I do not know a thing about. I know they play in the Big 10, but I do not keep up with the Big 10 much. I just want to get to know Indiana in the future."

Vandy - "It is in the state of Tennessee, so it is not that far from home. My parents could come watch me play. They are also known for good academics, and they are another program that is on the rise. My teammate, John Stokes, signed with Vandy in February. We work out together a lot, and he said I would love it up there. I am going to give them a shot."

Michigan State - "I can possibly get some early playing time at linebacker there. I talk to their coach a lot, and he said I could play as a freshman. They are in the Big 10, so playing teams like Michigan and Notre Dame is pretty exciting."

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